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Help me understand what poker has to do with pro wrestling

NXT 2.0 introduced us to a number of new names and faces with fresh new characters ranging from an Italian gangster type in Tony D’Angelo to Rick Steiner’s son who is almost just like him except with a really dumb name in Bron Breakker. You can take or leave each of the new characters, as your mileage may vary on how much you do or don’t enjoy them, but they all at least make sense.

That’s not the case for Duke Hudson.

Hudson, you see, is a poker player. That’s it. That’s his whole thing. Here’s how they introduced him:

Here’s my question: what the hell does that have to do with pro wrestling? He’s got a poker room where he hustles people out of their money and “you might as well start calling me ‘The House’ because the house always wins.”


Hudson managed to find a potential mark in Cameron Grimes at Halloween Havoc last week. The two will meet up on this coming Tuesday night’s episode of NXT TV and here’s how WWE is selling it:

Duke Hudson is looking to take some of Cameron Grimes’ money off his hands, and The Richest Man in NXT is happy to let him try because he is going all in and taking the prize money to the moon as he steps into Hudson’s Poker Room.

So, what, they’re going to broadcast the two playing a poker game? And we’re supposed to want to tune in to that? The natural assumption is the game breaks down and results in a match later on, which, okay, fine, but how the hell do you sustain such a thing? Is he just going to keep trying to get folks to play him in poker and then fight them after?

I really and truly would love for anyone to help me understand how this whole poker thing works in a setting like this.


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