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Shotzi’s explanation for turning heel makes a lot of sense


As someone who really enjoys watching Shotzi Blackheart wrestle, I had mixed feelings about what we saw play out on SmackDown last night (Oct. 29).

On the one hand, getting involved with Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks means we should see a lot of Shotzi on our screens. On the other, I think she’s a great babyface whose entire act makes audiences want to get behind her, so seeing the rumored heel turn play out didn’t feel like the smart move.

But I’ll be damned if the Ballsy Badass didn’t go on Talking Smack and sell me on it:

“I am fed up. Plain and simple. I’m fed up. I am done being the happy, easy-going Shotzi. I have been screwed over on title opportunity over title opportunity. My tag partner left me. I came here just wanting to have fun and kick ass. Well, you know what? I haven’t had fun in a really long time. So there’s just one thing left to do.

“Sasha was my breaking point, and now she’s my target. I am not letting anyone walk over me anymore. I am running over everyone in my way.”

Well alrightee then.

She’s right about the title opportunities. She’s a little off-base about Tegan Nox leaving her, but heels are allowed to have skewed perceptions of events - and it’s not like any of us really understand why some tag teams are selected together in the WWE Draft while others are split.

Plus, pissed off Shotzi against The Boss, heel or face? Sign me up. I’ll probably watch all their matches through my fingers because I can’t think of two wrestlers who are better at convincing me they’ve actually died at least once per match. But I’ll definitely be watching.

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