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Goldberg thinks he ‘shut all these f***ers up finally’ with Crown Jewel match

The f***ers are you, if you thought he was going to **** the bed in Saudi Arabia again.

As the man himself admits, Goldberg’s track record on WWE’s Saudi Arabia shows hasn’t been good. Some would say that about his entire WWE run - both of them - and they’d have a decent argument. But let’s stick to the Saudi events.

In his two previous appearances, there was the debacle with Undertaker at Crown Jewel in 2019, and beating The Fiend in under three minutes at Super ShowDown last year (which really, was bad more for the booking than the work Goldberg or Bray Wyatt did).

It was hard to tell what to expect at Oct. 21’s Crown Jewel. His feud with Bobby Lashley hadn’t been a train wreck, and had some heat to it thanks to Lashley putting Goldberg’s teenage son in a Hurt Lock at SummerSlam. But the match that preceded that spot was a referee stoppage due to a poorly executed attack on the Hall of Famer’s knee that was cover for an actual injury, and the build out of that was mostly Bill threatening to kill the All Mighty via satellite, so... it was hard to have very high expectations.

Despite that, their No Holds Barred Falls Count Anywhere match delivered for a lot of people. And while he’s as hard on himself as ever, Goldberg’s not above taking a small victory lap to celebrate that.

Here’s what he told Matt D’Andria about it on their latest CarCast pod:

“I don’t have the best track record in Saudi Arabia. I’ve knocked myself out in a match, I’ve dropped The Undertaker on his head, and this and that. I needed to redeem myself. I’m not happy with my performance, but I’m satisfied with it to a point where I think it’s shut all these fuckers up finally.”

I like to think he’s specifically referring to our own Cain A. Knight there, but Cain’s not the only fucker in the world. There’s also me, for example. But I digress...

Goldberg also addressed the status of his bad knee on Carcast, weaving in and out of kayfabe talk about his SummerSlam & Crown Jewel storyline with Lashley:

“The knee, I mean it hurts. It is what it is. The fact is I hurt every day of my life. It’s all relative, you know? And my brace held up well, fortunately. He went after my knee again. But, it is what it is, man. I dropped the hammer on his ass in the end and you know, if you want to know about me and Bobby behind the scenes, let’s just say that Gage Goldberg is Wanda and I’s son and there is no frickin’ way I would let anyone on this planet touch him if I didn’t love and trust them.

“So, Bobby’s a great individual and I’ve wanted for years to be able to have a program with him. And you know, I’m just honored that he let me do it. You know, it was fun. And getting some payback and kicking his ass in the end was just icing on top of the cake.”

It’s not clear what’s next for the 54 year old; he said during an interview in the KSA that he still has another match on his current WWE contract. Whatever that is, maybe the fuckers will be quieter this time.

H/T Wrestling Observer for transcription

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