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Seth Rollins respects Undertaker’s drip

Stories about Seth Rollins’s fashion drip will never go out of style. When promoting the Broken Skull Sessions interview with Steve Austin in a Bob Ross jacket, Rollins was tasked with naming his Mount Rushmore of ring attire, appropriately called Mount Dripmore.

It wouldn’t be Mount Dripmore without the Drip God on it. It should be pointed out that Austin already listed him in the first spot. Rollins filled out the rest with solid choices. Rey Mysterio has had a wide variety of creative outfits over the years. Randy Savage was credited by Rollins as maybe the originator of drip. Undertaker was the name that stuck out most to my ear. Upon consideration, there is a good case to be made for the mortician. Undertaker has taken a simple black coat in a number of stylish directions throughout his career.

Mount Dripmore is a fun topic to consider, so time to tag in audience participation for your foursome. List your selections in the comments. I’ll get it started.

For my picks, I want to go with wrestlers I have actually watched in my lifetime. However, it would be remiss not to mention the history of Gorgeous George as a starting point for the conversation. His flamboyant style has influenced so many wrestlers that he is more like the sky above the mountain.

Up first is the Nature Boy. Ric Flair’s robes were something to behold.

Next is Macho Man. It only takes a second to peak at Savage’s wardrobe for his case to be clear. He took headgear to new heights from headbands to cowboy hats to bandanas and beyond. Randy’s cape game was up there with Flair’s robes.

Third is Rick Martel. The man with model good looks had his own perfume named Arrogance.

In the fourth spot, I’m looking toward the animal kingdom. Koko B. Ware topped his contemporaries by bringing Frankie the macaw.

What’s your take on Rollin’s Mount Dripmore? Who is on your list?

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