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I could listen to Riddle talk about Bron Breakker all day

Riddle was a guest on “After the Bell” with Corey Graves recently and the subject of NXT 2.0 came up. Riddle digs the colors and the new look and feel of the show, not to mention how much focus they’ve been giving the women’s division, but it’s his comments on potential breakout star Bron Breakker that I can’t get enough of.

Just listen to how Riddle talks about this dude (transcription via Wrestling Inc):

“Bron Breakker, dude’s a house. Guy’s pretty stacked, you know? I mean, right now, he reminds me of a younger Goldberg. I feel like him on the mic, he’s very short, very intense, and then in the ring, he’s not doing a lot of dips and dives, but he definitely gets the job done. The guys a ball of muscle, that’s all I can say. When I think of breakout stars, when I think of up and coming future guys and I see that guy, I think, yeah. That guy in three years could be fighting for the world championship. he looks the part. Now, only time will tell, but from what I’ve seen, he’s going to have a pretty bright future.”

He’s not a younger Goldberg, of course, but the rest of it is absolutely the case and I’ll never think of him as anything other than “a house” going forward.

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