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Pat McAfee assumes he’ll have another match in WWE

Before he was the best damn color commentator in the game on Friday Night SmackDown alongside Michael Cole, Pat McAfee was running around in NXT feuding with Adam Cole. They put together a solid bout in McAfee’s first match back at NXT TakeOver XXX in August of last year, a shockingly good showdown after what was a much better program than anyone could reasonably have expected.

It seemed to make obvious that it shouldn’t be the only time McAfee wrestles for WWE. According to the man himself, during an interview on The Ariel Helwani Show, we can assume he’ll have at least one more go of it (transcription via Post Wrestling):

“I mean first minute I’m in that match, I do a moonsault and I don’t turn my feet out so my toe just goes straight into the mat, fracture my big toe literally the first minute I’m in there and then obviously with the flip off the top and in the match with Adam Cole, I got kicked so hard in the face in the middle of that thing. I mean it was — my whole body was incredibly sore. The amount of respect that I had for every woman and man that gets in the ring after my first match — I mean I obviously had massive respect for them but it grew. I mean I’m delicate flower but, let’s assume I’m probably gonna get back in there. I mean let’s assume at some point. I gotta win at some point, you know what I mean? I can’t just be completely defeated in there but my body was beat up dude. I was very sore.”

McAfee is only 34-years-old. There’s no reason to think WWE couldn’t eventually book him for something on the blue brand, where he makes the show a million times better with his enthusiasm for everything on it. Imagine how much better that could be with him actually getting in the ring?

Perhaps one day.

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