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Brock Lesnar fined ONE MILLION DOLLARS

Remember how WWE needed to write Brock Lesnar off television after his loss to Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel, so they had him run through officials and camera equipment, leading to his being suspended indefinitely? And how Lesnar responded to that by attacking the man who suspended him, Adam Pearce?

There’s been an update.

More sanctions.

Tell me this isn’t some Dr. Evil shit right here:

Yes, folks. Brock Lesnar has been fined ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Cue the pinky up to the mouth and the maniacal laughter.

For what it’s worth, Pat McAfee, the greatest and best color commentator in the world, called Pearce a doofus for imposing such a penalty. For that matter, Paul Heyman also seemed particularly unhappy about the situation, which is strange considering his allegiance to Reigns.

So that saga continues.

Either way, it will be a while before we see Lesnar to even respond to any of this.

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