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It doesn’t seem like Charlotte Flair & WWE will be parting ways any time soon

Questions about Charlotte Flair’s WWE future have lingered all year. They started when her fiancé Andrade El Idolo was released and signed with AEW, with some bridge-burning interviews in between.

The volume has been turned way up on them in the wake of last Friday’s “Women’s Championship Title Exchange” debacle with Becky Lynch on SmackDown, and all the rumors of backstage arguments & heat that followed Oct. 22’s belt fumbling main event. We’ve heard that WWE is weighing punishment options for Flair, with fans debating whether releasing her could be one of them. There’s also whispers The Queen’s team is counseling her to try and force her way out of WWE.

One question that hasn’t been answered in that discussion? Just what is Charlotte’s current contractual status with WWE? In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer has an answer:

“[Flair has] a long time, said to be more than a year, left on a WWE contract that guarantees her seven figures annually.”

It’s a never say never business, but that’s a lot of money to walk away from. Given that WWE still presents more opportunities for women to work matches on television and PPV than AEW, jumping ship might not be the smart play even if the money is equal.

From WWE’s perspective, reports indicate FOX specifically requested Flair for SmackDown. After allegedly already hearing from their broadcast partners when they parted ways with another marketable name earlier this year, I doubt they want to disappoint network executives again.

So hopefully, all involved can figure out how to keep working together, because it seems like they need to.

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