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WWE SmackDown results, live blog (Oct. 29, 2021): New challenger

WWE SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 29, 2021) with a show emanating from Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, featuring all the latest build to next month’s Survivor Series pay-per-view event.

Advertised for tonight: nothing! We know that two encores of SmackDown will air later tonight on FS1, but WWE hasn’t told us what’s happening on the show itself.

The big angle last week featured Brock Lesnar being indefinitely suspended, which means Universal champion Roman Reigns will need to find a new challenger very soon.

Last week’s episode also established Charlotte Flair as the new SmackDown women’s champion and set her up for an immediate feud with Sasha Banks.

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the SmackDown live blog kicks off once the show starts on FS1. It will be below this line here.


No lyrics tonight, and probably lots of moves called incorrectly. But Claire will be back on Monday!

Charlotte Flair is here, and she says the more things change the more they stay the same. Here she is again, the SmackDown Women’s champion. She doesn’t keep count of how many that is, because that’s on us to do. Unlike when other women on the roster win a title, everyone in the back cries and celebrates. When Charlotte Flair wins, it’s just another Friday. So after last week’s drama (her only reference to the infamous Title Exchange), she’s here to establish some order and lead this division...

That means it’s Boss Time! Sasha Banks makes her entrance, and laughs at Flair calling herself a leader. We know Charlotte only cares about holding other women down (a reference to the rumors that reemerged after the infamous Title Exchange). Everyone knows what she’s out here for, and it’s to win her belt back.

Charlotte says she talked to Sonya Deville, and they agreed someone new should get a chance at the championship. Here comes Shotzi in the TCB tank! She says, “Charlotte, if you’re looking for someone you’ve never faced before, I’m your girl!” Flair thinks the challenge and the tank are cute, and she’s giving Shotzi her match right now! Michael Cole calls it a “Championship Contender’s Match” so the belt’s not on the line.

But first... commercials!

Shotzi vs. Charlotte Flair

Sasha’s ringside as the bell rings and we lock up. The champ with a quick takedown, then a taunt for The Boss. Shotzi gets a boot up on a charge, then pops over for a pinning predicament that gets two. The Queen’s not happy, and the former Blackheart lets out her signature howl. Dropkick from Flair, but Shotzi fires right back and has Charlotte reeling, but the champ manages to pull her opponent feet first off the ropes when she climbs to the top. Shotzi head bounces off the turnbuckle on her way down, opening her up for a flurry. Exchange of kicks ends with an enziguri from Shotzi, and she conneccts with a senton in the ropes. Back up top, but Flair rolls out, and meets a dive attempt with a forearm. Banks and Flair jaw on the floor, and Shotzi tries the dive again, connecting as we go to break.

Shotzi’s down on the floor when we return, and Flair is climbing for her moonsault. The green-haired woman rolls back in and hits a super-rana, but Charlotte kicks out before three. The comeback ends with a boot off the apron from the Queen, but a pop-over splash misses. Kick from Shotzi and Sasha coaches her to get the champ back in the ring. Enziguri, but that’s answered with a Figure Eight attempt. That’s turned into a roll-up for two. Back and forth, Flair gets two off a moonsault then goes for her submission finish again but gets booted into the ropes where she has a staredown with Sasha. Shotzi comes from behind but Flair sidesteps, and Shotzi and Sasha have a staredown, which allows Flair to hit Natural Selection.

Charlotte Flair def. Shotzi via pinfall

Banks goes to console Shotzi in the aftermath, and she’s not having it. She screams and The Boss and the heel turn beatdown is on. She smashed Sasha off the tank, throws her into the barricade, and gets her back in the ring for the senton off the top. She howls and tells Sasha to eat her tank (or something like that).

Kayla Braxton is in her interview ring, and her guest is Jeff Hardy. He’s excited to be back on SmackDown, where he thinks he might challenge for a title he’s never held before (hmmm). The party is crashed by Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss, who crack up at Moss’ “halloweenie” joke.

We’re gonna hear about “additional sanctions” for Brock Lesnar when we return from our next ads.

The next segment starts with a recap of last Friday’s Brock beatdown. Then we go to Adam Pearce’s office. He calls Lesnar’s actions cowardly... how dare he put his hands on the “heart of the corporation’s engine”. He called Brock earlier today to tell him he’s fining him... ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Paul Heyman is watching that on a monitor (not as good as the way Big E watches), and Kayla comes up behind him to ask what he thinks Lesnar will do. He knows what Roman Reigns would do, show up and smash everyone, including Brock. But Roman doesn’t have to do that because he smashed Lesnar at Crown Jewel. Braxton pushes, and Heyman says Brock would go to the offices and destroy everyone, especially Adam Pearce. Paul launches into an old school Baa-rock Lez-ner promo, then catches himself and berates Kayla and makes it clear he hasn’t spoken to Brock.

A Drew McInyre open challenge is up next.

Drew & Angela are in the ring when we return, but he puts down the sword and picks up a mic. He’s in an ass-kicking mood, and makes the challenge. Who has the “testicular fortitude to fight the SmackDown Warrior - right now?!?!”

It’s Mustafa Ali, but he wants to talk before he fights. He gets it. Drew’s bigger, but he’s better. He’s got more athletic ability in his pinky than McIntyre has in his entire body. He’s gonna be the one to beat the big Scot tonight.

Drew McIntyre vs. Mustafa Ali

Fast-paced open with McIntyre landing big shots and Ali using his speed to evade a few of them and land counter offense. Drew goes for a Future Shock DDT after a huge throw, but Ali slips free. Up top, but Drew evades. Tilt-a-whirl DDT attempt from Mustafa, but McIntyre stays on his feet, powers out, and transitions into a kimura.

Drew McIntyre def. Mustafa Ali via submission

Pat McAfee and Michael Cole are talking about King Xavier Woods knighting Kofi Kingston in our next segment, but they’re cut off by Ali back on the mic. He says the only reason people choose to cheer for McIntyre and boo him is because his name is Mustafa Ali.

We see highlights of Woods coronation last week. Then we cut to him walking backstage with Kofi heralding him through the back. They walk past Hit Row, who show respect for each other, including bows for the King. Kingston asks for some bars, and they deliver the “King Woods” version of their signature hit. We see the ring being prepared for the King as he makes his entrance. But first, a word from our sponsors.

And also a video for Xia Li.

Kofi introduces Xavier (with a “creed” reference), and gets a “Hail... King... Woods” chant going. Woods asks for a moment from the crowd, and talks about how Kingston put the crown on his head. A King is only as good as the company he keeps. A “You Deserve It” chant breaks out, and he agrees, saying he put in a lot of work behind the scenes. Back to Kofi, he channels his beloved Golden Girls to call him a friend and a confidant. The former WWE champ is knighted Sir Kofi, the Hand of the King. Xavier gives him a Game of Thrones-esque pin to commemorate it, but this is a unicorn. Fantastic.

There’s much rejoicing in the kingdom... until The Usos show up to say “whoa” a lot. The SmackDown Tag champs get in the ring to say, look what we have here, The Usos and The New Day again. A lot’s changed since Kofi and Woods have been gone, it’s the Bloodline show now. Jimmy & Jey mock New Day’s Halloween costumes, the King & his hand respond by saying The Usos haven’t changed clothes since 2018. Woods wants trial by combat between the teams tonight! Everyone accepts, pending Sonya Deville’s approval.

Raw replay time!

Rick BOOGS is here, and he came to RAWK with the Intercontinental champion, Shinsuke Nakamura! Pat Mac is on the desk, and puts one foot on Cole’s shoulder for some air guitar, “It’s such a good lick!” Trick or Street Fight is next, after these commercials.

Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick BOOGS vs. Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss

The babyfaces are in control while McAfee clarifies that all the pumpkins on the apron are in play. BOOGS grabs his axe for a few licks, which lets Corbin attack him with a candy corn colored kendo stick. Happy working over BOOGS in the ropes when the 24/7 championship comes through so Reggie can do some flips.

Moss tries to put BOOGS in the apple bobbing gimmick, but first he asks Pat how he likes those apples. They take turns almost dunking the other until Shinsuke nails Madcap with a kendo stick so his partner can submerge him. Nak, BOOGS & Pat toast with apples as we go to break.

The heels in charge after that, working BOOGs over with kendo sticks. Corbin shoves candy in BOOGS mouth while the crowd chants “We Want Pumpkins”. Nakamura breaks that up, but the numbers game gets him. Happy teases a pumpkin spot, he’s not here to please the crowd. They go to put Shin through a table, but BOOGS smashes some pumpkins to save them. He attacks them with a skeleton! Double team on Corbin leads to a cover, but Moss with the save. Nak and Happy trade signature moves and the champ sets up for Kinshasa, but here comes Madcap to put a jack o’lantern on his head!

Everything breaks down with the champ and Corbin brawling over the barricade. BOOGS looks to finish Moss when two costumed ghouls attack with kendo sticks.

Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss def. Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick BOOGS via pinfall

The ghouls unmask, and its Humberto Carrillo & Angel Garza!

Megan Morant is in the interview ring, and her guest is Sonya Deville. She asks if she’s stacking the deck against Naomi. Deville says she’s a professional and is offended at the accusation, but before the interview goes farther, Sami Zayn cuts in to question Sonya’s decision to not use him on the show.

We’re reminded of when Shayna Baszler helped Sonya beat her two weeks ago, and they go one-on-one next! Or soon, cause, you know... those Progressive insurance policies don’t sell themselves.

Shayna Baszler vs. Naomi

Baszler gets in the ring, but there’s no referee. That brings out Sonya, to explain that last week Lesnar injured the referee this match. She had to find someone fair to replace them, so she’ll do it. Deville asks for and receives a referee shirt, that just happens to be in her size.

Sonya takes Naomi’s back, then gets a takedown and goes for a heel hook while Deville asks if she wants to submit. The GLOWster fires up and sends Baszler into the corner. She attempts to springboard back into the ring, but slips and falls. She still gets a cover after an enziguri, but Deville doesn’t count. Sonya counters, quick count from Sonya, and that’s it.

Shayna Baszler def. Naomi via pinfall

Baszler chokes out Naomi after the bell as a smiling Deville exits up the ramp.

Braxton interviews the King and his hand. She wonders if he’s worried his reign is already under threat. Sir Kofi puts over his new role and pin. King Xavier, first of his name and bringer of New Days, says it’s time for him to hand out his first royal ass-whooping.

Naomi’s walking backstage, nursing her sore neck. Morant is there with a mic, and she says if Sonya ever feels like putting away the suit, she’s got something for her. As for Shayna, next time they square up, all she’s gonna get is her rearview.

King Xavier Woods & Sir Kofi Kingston vs. The Usos

The King and Jey start off the latest installment of this legendary feud. Back and forth, then Woods puts him down for two with a forearm. Tag to the Hand, and a kick gets another nearfall. Jimmy in for a double team shoulder block and elbow drop that gets two, Trash talk and chops in the corner, but Kingston answers with a springboard drop kick off a whip. Jey tags in, but her comes X to help his knight. The Usos head outside, Kofi goes for Trust Fall, but he’s caught and thrown over the barricade as we go to our last break.

Kingston still being worked over when we return. Jey backs it up on Kofi in the corner, then lays in the strikes. He goes for another running hip attack, and Kingston is up for a jumping stomp. Tag, and the King cleans house (or HASS as my fellow Pittsburgher on commentary would say). Woods chops up Jimmy, then gets two by dropping him on his knees. Usos get a tag, pop-up neckbreaker gets a nearfall. Jey thought it was three, jawing at the ref, then at the King. Woods up with a forearm, takes one, another exchange, two blind tags! Kofi missed Trouble In Paradise, Jimmy hits with the pop-up Samoan Drop. Another tag for the champs, superkicks! The Hand of the King kicks out though!

They go for stereo splashes, but Woods cuts off one twin and Kofi gets his knees up on the other. Things breakdown, blind tag as Jimmy goes to cover the wrong man, and the King’s first royal victory is by roll-up.

King Xavier Woods & Sir Kofi Kingston def. The Usos via pinfall

That’s all, folks.

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