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Matt Riddle says Roman Reigns isn’t ready for a match with him

Matt Riddle talks a lot of trash and it often gets him in trouble with important people in WWE.

During an interview on Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg, Riddle addressed three of his favorite subjects - Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, and Roman Reigns.

Riddle started off by acknowledging that Roman Reigns wasn’t happy when Riddle recently insulted him:

“I’m trying not to talk too much trash anymore. I don’t want to upset the higher ups.

I said something about, I’m not gonna mention exact names, but you know he’s a chief of tribes. I’m not saying specific names, that could be anybody. That could be anybody. But he wasn’t happy. I talked some trash about me moving the needle and selling merch, and he didn’t like what I said. I thought it was hilarious, but not everybody thinks like me.”

Moving on to Brock, Riddle won’t be calling him out anytime soon:

“I still want the match with Brock, but I promised him I wouldn’t call him out anymore. He asked me not to a couple years ago at a Royal Rumble. So I respect your wishes, Mr. Beast. I won’t call you out.”

Riddle vs. Goldberg, on the other hand, is a match he actually thinks can happen in 2022:

“I’ll be honest, I think I’ve grown on the guy. I think he’s grown on me a little. I think that match could possibly happen. We both went to Saudi. We were both on the same airplane. We bumped into each other quite a few times on that airplane. I think we can get that match. I think we can pull that one off. No promises, but I’m hoping in 2022 we get Riddle versus Goldberg.”

If Riddle can avoid becoming Goldberg’s next murder victim, there might be a match waiting for him against Roman Reigns down the line. But it won’t happen just yet because Roman Reigns isn’t ready for The Original Bro:

“The one that we don’t talk about, the chief of tribes...I don’t think he’s ready for me yet. I think I ruffled his feathers a little bit, and he’s a peacock. You know, he doesn’t like his feathers ruffled. I’ll let him groom himself back to composure, and I’ll try that at a later date.”

To be clear, when Riddle says Roman isn’t ready for a match with him, he’s talking about the current state of their relationship. Reigns and Riddle will need to get on the same page for a match to ever be possible, but the chief of tribes isn’t ready for that to happen right now because his delicate feathers are all ruffled.

I have a feeling Riddle’s interview here won’t improve their relationship.

Out of these three potential matches for Riddle, which do you think will actually happen one day? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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