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Hacksaw Jim Duggan has been diagnosed with prostate cancer

Following last week’s emergency surgery, WWE Hall of Fame wrestler “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and his wife Debra posted a video on Instagram revealing that he’s been diagnosed with prostate cancer:

“Hi folks. You know, Debra and I, we always share the good times with you, but today we got to share some bad times. I’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and I’m having my surgery tomorrow. Actually, it’s been going on for a couple of months now, and Debra and I have been living with it and getting ready. But reality is here, and I’m going down to Charleston tomorrow to have my cancer surgery.

So folks, I know you’ve been thinking and praying for me about it this last surgery. Please think of me this Friday as I go get my cancer surgery down in Charleston. Debra will keep everybody updated, but I want to take a break from social media. So thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, and we’ll see you down the road with the grace of God and the skill of the doctors. Love you.”

This news really sucks, like it always does with cancer. We will hope for the best for the legendary wrestler while he is dealing with this very difficult time in his life.

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