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Bray Wyatt makes sure we know his WWE non-compete is almost up

Bray Wyatt

On Sat., July 31, WWE released Bray Wyatt. Tomorrow (Thurs., Oct. 28) 90 days will have passed since that surprising news. 90 days is the standard length of a main roster non-compete clause for wrestlers sports entertainers WWE’s “future endeavored”. So on Friday, Wyatt will be free to sign and/or appear with any wrestling company he chooses.

In case you weren’t keeping track on your own, don’t worry. Bray’s got your back...

Wyatt - who it appears we need to get used to calling by the first half of his real name Windham Rotunda, since word is he’ll perform as “Windham” going forward wherever he lands - has been linked to Impact and AEW on the rumor mill. Reports are he was unable to come to terms with the former recently. AEW head honcho Tony Khan has said he’s interesting in talking to Windham, but he hadn’t as of a couple weeks ago.

Guess we’ll just have to follow the buzzards. And the tweets.

I hear there’s only two more days...

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