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Seriously, just put the title on Trick Williams

Halloween Havoc was about Toxic Attraction taking over the women’s division, Bron Breakker coming up short in his first shot at the title but looking strong in doing so, and new tag team champions being crowned, but I was most entertained, as I usually am, by Trick Williams.

They shot a pre-tape for this show featuring Carmelo Hayes, flanked by Williams, going to a haunted open house — that turned out to be Dexter Lumis’ place — to get ‘Melo’s North American championship back. It was, all told, a goofy segment that could have been super cheesy if it weren’t for those involved making it so much fun.

Mostly Trick.

I loved so much about what he did here:

  • The way he got halfway out of the car before saying “nah” and climbing right back in
  • After Carmelo mistakes a kid dressed like a zombie for Johnny Gargano and says “oh, it’s just a dead kid,” Trick responds by incredulously repeating it back to him, and his delivery makes it hilarious
  • The way he keeps hanging onto Hayes, who finally reprimands him by pushing him off. The look and sigh Trick responds with is money
  • When they finally get in the house and are confronted by a monster, Trick’s answer for it is “hit him with a biscuit!” and quickly running off
  • The way he says “ZOMBIES” when Andre Chase is snatched by one
  • Whatever he was doing with his face when he was reaching out trying to find ‘Melo and instead found Dexter
  • That scream and panic run when he found himself surrounded
  • That other scream at the end when he’s running away from the house for good

I don’t want to sell Carmelo short here — he had his moments too, like punching a skeleton in the face after he retrieved his title — but Trick’s delivery and timing are impeccable. That the two of them could take what could have easily been the dumbest segment of the year and made it entertaining speaks volumes.

The potential in Trick Williams is limitless. Every time he’s on screen, you can’t help but watch what he’s doing. That’s everything you want out of a pro wrestler.

Here are all the videos from Halloween Havoc:

  • Toxic Attraction climb Scareway to Hell in Ladder match
  • Joe Gacy soothes an interfering Harland to defeat Malik Blade
  • Kay Lee Ray is angry and she’s coming back to make everyone pay
  • Odyssey Jones answers Diamond Mine’s open challenge
  • Solo Sikoa announces his arrival with beatdown of Grayson Waller
  • NXT Superstars celebrate Halloween Havoc with a costume party
  • Imperium fulfill mission to bring dignity back to the NXT tag team championship
  • Lumis & Gargano welcome Hayes & Williams to haunted open house
  • Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams fend off monsters to escape with title
  • Mandy Rose gets NXT women’s title assist from Dakota Kai’s attack on Gonzalez
  • Tommaso Ciampa vs. Bron Breakker — NXT title match
  • Kushida and Ikemen Jiro really don’t like the Creed Brothers
  • Cameron Grimes is going all in at Duke Hudson’s poker room
  • Lash Legend has plenty to ask Tony D’Angelo next week
  • The real content is on Grayson Waller’s social media page

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