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Greg Hamilton reportedly released by WWE


According to a report from PW Insider, Greg Hamilton, whose regular duties included being the ring announcer for Friday Night SmackDown, has been released by WWE. It apparently happened earlier this week and simply hasn’t been announced by the company just yet.

Hamilton, who had been with the company dating back to 2015, starting in NXT and quickly working his way up to the main roster, recently got into a bit of a social media dust up with a rapper who allegedly used a sample of his voice. Hamilton threatened to sue him into oblivion, including using WWE lawyers to do so.

That post has since been removed and Hamilton’s social media has gone private. All references to WWE have been removed as well. It’s unclear if this was brought about due to said social media spat but the timing is certainly interesting.

The company has yet to comment publicly on the situation.

SmackDown is just days away, however, and an announcement should be coming anytime.

UPDATE: Hamilton has confirmed his departure. Read about that here.

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