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How big meaty men watch television

Long-time wrestle watchers know WWE Superstars™ have peculiar ways of watching television backstage at Raw and SmackDown. The awkward poses are ostensibly to keep the performer and the monitor clearly visible. They’ve also become a running joke with fans and people inside the business.

We’ve seen wrestlers sports entertainers get around this Vince McMahon fetish from time to time. Head of the Table that he is, Universal champion Roman Reigns will sometimes have a big black leather chair brought in so he can at least be comfortable while he watches prospective challengers at strange angles.

On Raw last night (Oct. 25), we saw how WWE champ Big E does it. The answer is, of course, as only he can...

Sure, it’s reminiscent of the way Matt Hardy showed The Young Bucks how to do it. But did Matt & Nick Jackson flex their pecs like Large Epsilon? Pshaw... as if they even could.

Nope. E is one of a kind. And he’s our WWE champion.

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