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R-Truth’s new music video shows he’d be a great King of the Ring

Don’t worry, Xavier Woods. ‘Legacy’ also give us Ron Killings doing Cowboy ****, and just being a dope MC.

Our guy R-Truth isn’t just a 53-time 24/7 champion. No, he’s also a former WWE United States and Tag Team titleholder, and back when he wrestled for TNA under his government name (Ron Killings), The Truth also wore the NWA Worlds Heavyweight belt on two separate occasions.

As we’ve been reminded countless time over his almost 25 years in the business, Truth is also just an all around talented and entertaining performer. His microphone skills extend to music - we heard him rap his way to the ring for years, and have listened to a few singles, too.

Ron Killings is back with a new one of those, and his new track “Legacy” also comes with the cosplay-riffic music video embedded above. In it, we see medieval Truth, and cowboy Truth before he returns to the modern day to just be his usual bad ass self. That last one is the only timeline where Killings doesn’t take out this guy who looks like Karl Anderson crossed with Doc Gallows)...

Anyway, it’s pretty fun. Check it out, and remember that R-Truth is the best.

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