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Here’s the Mansoor/Ryback Twitter beef you never knew you needed

Former WWE Superstar Ryback now sells nutritional supplements, with a side hustle in pro wrestling hot takes. For reasons that aren’t entirely clear*, last night (Oct. 23) he decided to include Mansoor in one of his criticisms of his former employer.

Neither of the men he tagged in the tweet responded, but the guy who’s undefeated in his home country did. And Mansoor wasn’t playing around with the Big Guy, either.

If Twitter were Mortal Kombat, that would be a fatality. And in addition to being our latest example of Mansoor’s social media skills (he popped me earlier this week with this one about his match with Mustafa Ali at Crown Jewel), it also gave us some great supporting slams from his SmackDown co-workers. One of which was an actual dunk...

... and the other came from a kayfabe rival, who turned a moment from their feud into a meme - and gave us our latest example of his strong Twitter game...

Twitter’s done a lot to divide wrestling fans**, but at least it can bring us together to laugh at The Ryback.

* They’re mostly because this might get the attention of a few folks who buy nutritional supplements.
** And everyone, but I’m trying to stay positive here!

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