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Raw kicks off a ‘New Era’ with... a rematch

The next episode of Raw isn’t just the first one with the new, post-2021 Draft rosters. No, the Oct. 25 edition will also the season premiere. Don’t believe me?

So what better way to celebrate, and send a clear message that this is a fresh start for the red brand? Why, by running back a match we just saw at the last two PPVs, of course!

No, seriously. That’s what they’re doing.

Four days after a successful Crown Jewel defense of the Raw Tag titles, against the team they took them from at SummerSlam, Randy Orton & Riddle will put the belts on the line against AJ Styles & Omos.’s sales pitch for the capper of this one-sided trilogy:

... what will happen when The Viper and The Original Bro will once again step into the ring with the personification of intimidation The Phenomenal One and his “Own Personal Colossus”?

Find out when the New Era begins on the Season Premiere of Raw at 8/7 C on Raw.

Nothing says fresh start like a do over. At least now we know the Season Premiere of Raw will be on Raw. But the real question is...

What other rematches will we see on Monday night?

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