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Goldberg talks murder, Riddle names his camel, and more Crown Jewel highlights and fallout videos

Goldberg has been obsessed with murdering Bobby Lashley over the last few weeks. Earlier today at Crown Jewel he had the chance to live up to his word and extinguish the life from the former WWE champion. Goldberg did manage to win the match, but Lashley walked out still breathing and most definitely not murdered.

In a fallout interview following the match, Goldberg talked about how much it meant to him to kick Lashley’s ass for putting his hands on his family. Goldberg said it doesn’t matter how old he is, he’ll come out of the grave at 500 years old to rip your face off if you mess with his family. He then admitted that he didn’t go far enough in getting his payback on Bob.

You can check out Goldberg talking murder, Matt Riddle naming his camel, and more in WWE’s Crown Jewel highlights and fallout videos:

  • The Usos pick up the pace against The Hurt Business
  • Edge sends Rollins bouncing off cell through table
  • Mustafa Ali’s trash talk gets Mansoor fired up
  • Riddle shocks Orton with spectacular camel entrance
  • Randy Orton busts out vintage offense at AJ Styles’ expense
  • Doudrop and Vega battle it out for the Queen’s Crown
  • Zelina Vega dons the Queen’s Crown
  • Goldberg drops Bobby Lashley with a mighty Jackhammer
  • Xavier Woods delivers massive Superplex to Finn Bálor
  • Xavier Woods takes the throne as King of the Ring
  • Drew McIntyre kicks out of the Big Ending
  • Belair shows off power against Lynch and Banks
  • Brock Lesnar’s F-5 to Roman Reigns comes back to hurt him
  • Mansoor celebrates with Tareg Hamedi
  • Zelina Vega was destined to be Queen
  • Goldberg values family over everything
  • Titus O’Neil & Natalya reflect on honoring breast cancer survivors
  • Big E takes pride in his victory over Drew McIntyre
  • Riddle discusses his camel ride with Randy Orton

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