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WWE Crown Jewel 2021 results: Roman Reigns is still Universal champion after pinning Brock Lesnar

Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar clashed over the Universal championship today (Oct. 21) at WWE Crown Jewel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Roman has held onto the title for over a year, but Lesnar was his most formidable threat yet, especially with all the questions surrounding Paul Heyman’s loyalty. Was Paul going to stab the Tribal Chief in the back and leave Crown Jewel with The Beast?

This is the first time Brock wrestled with the beard and high ponytail combo. He looked almost like Mortal Kombat’s Goro in his ring gear.

Reigns tried avoiding a trip to Suplex City by holding onto the ring ropes when Brock wrapped his arms around him. He also held on to the ring post to prevent an F5 on the outside of the ring.

Roman then unleashed his arsenal with a superman punch and a spectacular dive over the top rope. He followed that up with a spear, but Lesnar kicked out of the pin attempt.

Lesnar dropped after two more superman punches, but he leapfrogged over Reigns’ next spear attempt; Roman smashed his own head into the buckle. Brock took Roman to Suplex City and then nailed the F5. Roman kicked out!

Roman countered the next F5 into the guillotine choke. Lesnar survived and broke it up with a spinebuster. Brock picked Roman up for another F5, but the referee got knocked out by Roman’s body on impact. Roman was down for the three count but there was nobody around to make the count.

Brock tossed the ref’s lifeless body out of the ring but turned around into another spear from Roman. Both men were down on the mat, and the focus turned to Paul Heyman. Paul tossed the Universal title into the gap between both men. Which man was he trying to give the title to?

Brock and Roman reached the belt at nearly the same time and had a tug-of-war over it, just like they did on Raw in 2015. The Usos showed up to stop Brock from taking the title. Roman grabbed the title, knocked Brock out with it, and scored the three count.

Roman Reigns is still the Universal champion, and we still don’t know whose side Paul Heyman is on.

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