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13 minutes, 40 seconds and counting

Queen’s Crown Tournament Final

Six really short matches led us to an unexpected showdown in Saudi Arabia.

The Road to Crown Jewel

It took Zelina Vega four minutes, 50 seconds, and a Liv Morgan distraction to defeat Toni Storm & Carmella and emerge from the SmackDown side of the bracket.

Doudrop was the last woman standing after the matches on Raw. It took her five minutes & 45 seconds to beat Natalya & Shayna Baszler. Vega’s appearing in regal attire during her semi-final with Shayna probably helped.

That’s it. The finalists had a bit of a staredown, but they don’t have any history. The only feud the entire tourney did much for was the never-ending one between Liv and Mella. A pretty good push for Baszler - which included taking out Doudrop’s former partner Eva Marie - was at least stalled when the former NXT & WWE Women’s Tag champ’s Kirifuda Clutch wasn’t able to put the Scot away, and used to pin her.


What to watch for

Whether or not the match lasts four minutes & 20 seconds. That’s what it will take to get the entire Queen’s Crown tournament to 20 minutes of total bell-to-bell time. Across seven matches.

Could Vega & Doudrop have a good match? I imagine so. The former Piper Niven is very good, and while Zelina’s always been a character-first performer, she’s more than capable of delivering a few high-flying spots and working with someone to tell a fun story.

You’ll forgive me if I don’t hold my breath for them to be given a chance, though. Although I probably could hold my breath for the length of this match.


Who will win?

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Match times courtesy Cagematch

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