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WWE Crown Jewel 2021 predictions

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WWE Crown Jewel is all set to take place tomorrow (Thurs., Oct. 21, 2021) from the Mohammed Abdu Arena on the Boulevard in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It begins at 12:00 pm ET on Peacock in the U.S., and WWE Network everywhere else.

Luckily for you Cagesiders, our staff of learned wrestling blowhards is here to help figure out just how the event is going to play out with predictions for each match on the card.

Let’s get to it.


Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar

Geno Mrosko: This feels like a genuinely intriguing match in part because Lesnar is such a wild card when it comes to Vince McMahon. It’s hard to imagine ending Reigns’ epic run with the title but if there’s a guy you can imagine ending it, it’s Lesnar. Paul Heyman is the X factor in all this, and that’s a good thing because they’ve almost made it more about what he’ll do and less about who is going to win. Pick: Roman Reigns

Sean Rueter: Lesnar hasn’t lost two pro wrestling matches in a row since he was working the house show circuit in the early aughts. They could use his year away as cover for doing it, but the intrigue around Paul Heyman and the fact it doesn’t seem like a Rock program is going to happen until WrestleMania 39 also gives them some room to play around with when it comes to the Head of the Table. What the hell... Pick: Brock Lesnar

Kyle Decker: I can make an argument here for Brock Lesnar because it’s Brock Lesnar. But in the end, Roman Reigns continues to help prop up SmackDown as its big bad. If Brock wins, we assume he’ll be part time. That would leave Roman Reigns to still prop up the show on the men’s side but not from any position of power given he just lost. Pick: Roman Reigns

Claire Elizabeth: The story here isn’t so much about winning or losing the title, it’s about Brock Lesnar sliding a knife between his old advocate Paul Heyman’s ribs and twisting it, that much was made clear by the go-home segment on SmackDown, and he can continue to do that regardless of whether or not he has the Universal Championship. So, a bit of role reversal, with the Tribal Chief as the unconquerable beast, and maybe Brock can ride this train all the way to a WrestleMania title win and five minutes alone with the Wise Man. Pick: Roman Reigns

Cain A. Knight: I think this will be next year’s main event at either Royal Rumble or WrestleMania 38, so I’m expecting a wonky finish here, maybe even without a winner. Regardless of the finish, Reigns is walking out as champion. Pick: Roman Reigns

Stella Cheeks: I still don’t know why this isn’t a Paul Heyman on a pole match. Oooo or even better - Paul Heyman in a shark cage! I don’t think Heyman knows what side he’s on yet. He’ll be standing in the middle of the sidelines ready to run to the corner of the winner. As much as I love petty ponytail Brock, I don’t think Roman Reigns loses...not yet at least. This one feels like a feud that’s got legs. Pick: Roman Reigns

Marcus Benjamin: This is all about Paul Heyman. There’s more intrigue on my part as it relates to where he’ll land when the night is over than over who wins. That said, since I’m told I have to pick a winner or else, my coin flip said Roman Reigns. Pick: Roman Reigns.

Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair vs. Sasha Banks

Geno Mrosko: They’re still leaning heavily into Becky Lynch as a top star and you don’t send her to Raw after just beating her for the title. Plus, they need it there with Charlotte Flair moving to SmackDown. I suppose they could have Belair win it back here, but that wouldn’t feel right in a triple threat including a SmackDown wrestler. That should come later. Pick: Becky Lynch

Sean Rueter: Until recently, I would have said anyone but Becky, especially with a stipulation where she wouldn’t have to factor into the decision to lose her SmackDown Women’s title. But the way things have played out over the last few weeks, I think The Man is the only answer. Pick: Becky Lynch

Kyle Decker: It would make sense to put the belt on Sasha Banks since she’s the only SmackDown star in this match. But Charlotte has the Raw championship so that doesn’t really matter. Honestly, this is all a mess with the titles and the brands so I’m just going to guess. Pick: Bianca Belair

Claire Elizabeth: Not betting against The Man here, not in Saudi Arabia, not when there’s precedent for just swapping the Raw and SmackDown versions of titles after the draft, and not when it feels like WWE have clearly (and largely correctly!) anointed her as the star of this generation of women’s wrestlers. Wouldn’t be surprised if there was some kind of non-finish despite the three-way rules, but I’m not gonna pick for that here, so... Pick: Becky Lynch

Cain A. Knight: Flair is bringing the Raw women’s title to SmackDown, so Lynch will bring the SmackDown women’s title to Raw. That’s WWE logic. Pick: Becky Lynch

Stella Cheeks: This one is tough! Charlotte is taking the Raw title to SmackDown which makes me think that Becky is taking the SmackDown title to Raw. Which is weird, but kind of awesome. Sadly, if that is the case then it seems like Bianca and Sasha are both set to lose. The thing that makes it tricky is that Bianca winning the title back from Becky makes sense - payback is a bitch. It would also make sense for Sasha to win the title after her big return. The inconsistent booking of the women’s division makes this one a tough when in doubt Pick: Becky Lynch

Marcus Benjamin: Prior to the cluster cuss that was the last episode of Raw, Sasha Banks was my lock. Becky and Bianca are moving to Monday nights, so it makes no sense to let either of them have the SmackDown championship, right? Right?! Well, now I don’t know anything and I’m not even going to pretend to make sense of this match. That said, I’m sticking with my gut even if my gut is currently hungry. Pick: Sasha Banks

Big E vs. Drew McIntyre

Geno Mrosko: It’s unfortunate how little this match matters. Pick: Big E

Sean Rueter: Meat will be slapped. And really, isn’t that all that matters? Pick: Big E

Kyle Decker: Unlike the last two, there’s little doubt in my mind that Drew is just going to serve as a big win for the new champ before he makes he way to SmackDown. Pick: Big E

Claire Elizabeth: Drew is a convenient little matchup to create a little drama but they’ve done nothing to suggest that the big men’s titles might switch brands this time, so he’s a lame duck. Pick: Big E

Cain A. Knight: The build to this match has been devoid of creativity. On the bright side, the match should still kick ass. Pick: Big E

Stella Cheeks: Drew is a big Scottish stepping stone. Pick: Big E

Marcus Benjamin: This mini feud is the definition of meh. But the match should be fun with two big meaty men slapping meat. Drew Mac does the favors and makes Big E look like the force he needs to be leading Raw going forward. Pick: Big E

Bobby Lashley vs. Goldberg

Geno Mrosko: Genuinely curious to see how far Goldberg goes with all these threats of literal murder. Would laugh forever if he still lost. He won’t, but it would be great fun if he did. Pick: Goldberg

Sean Rueter: The Royal Family didn’t give Vince that bag to book Attitude Era stars to lose. Pick: Goldberg

Kyle Decker: Bobby doesn’t have the title and Goldberg has a murderous, righteous rage. Feels ripe for Bill G to get his revenge. Pick: Goldberg

Claire Elizabeth: Goldberg is the righteous babyface with a bum leg and a kid that needs avenging, Bob’s goin’ down. Pick: Goldberg

Cain A. Knight: As soon as Bob lost the WWE title, it became clear he was doing the job for Goldberg at Crown Jewel. It was less obvious that WWE was going to book him to be murdered in the process. Drew McIntyre does have a giant sword that Goldberg can borrow, and this is Saudi Arabia, so Lashley is a dead man. Pick: Goldberg

Stella Cheeks: Goldberg goes over in Saudia Arabia. Let’s just hope he can keep it together and NOT actually kill Bobby. Pick: Goldberg

Marcus Benjamin: They’re in Saudi Arabia, where I hear Goldberg is all the rage. The man isn’t taking the bag to make that flight, bring his kid along, and lose. Pick: Goooooldberg

Edge vs. Seth Rollins

Geno Mrosko: Although they’re both actually bad guys in all this, Edge has been positioned as the babyface and with this being the deciding match in the feud, he’s probably winning. Pick: Edge

Sean Rueter: He’s not as synonymous with the Monday Night War era as Bill, but close enough that I think the Crown Prince probably has a cousin who doesn’t want to see him lose. Pick: Edge

Kyle Decker: The end goal of Edge’s return is likely to put over the younger talent. While Seth is in a place he can bounce back from a loss, more likely Edge does the favor, takes some time off, and then returns for a new program. Pick: Seth Rollins

Claire Elizabeth: Edge has already ceded the biggest point of the feud, which is that Seth Rollins is his own man and not Edge Lite, so whatever happens in the cell is just gravy for the once and future Monday Night Messiah. With Edge already beaten to the point of ceding the point, it’s Seth’s match to lose. Pick: Seth Rollins

Cain A. Knight: If Seth was going to win this feud, I think they should have ended it after the injury angle at Madison Square Garden. It’s amazing how quickly Edge can recover when they need him for a show in Saudi Arabia. Pick: Edge

Stella Cheeks: Edge still hasn’t gotten payback on Seth for violating his comfy chair. You don’t mess with a man’s rest and relaxation, Seth! Pick: Edge

Marcus Benjamin: This is an interesting one because they’re both moving to Raw where, in theory, this thing could continue into Survivor Series. At the same time, Hell in a Cell is normally the end of a feud, not the middle of it. If the question of the story now is who can out-evil the other, then that answer should be the younger cat in Seth Rollins. A win propels him and makes him an instant threat to Big E’s title. Pick: Seth Rollins

Xavier Woods vs. Finn Bálor

Geno Mrosko: Just let Woods achieve his dream, please. Pick: Xavier Woods

Sean Rueter: I wish I didn’t think the fact Woods wants it probably means WWE won’t give it to him. But I do think that. Pick: Finn Bálor

Kyle Decker: Listen, Xavier Woods absolutely should win this. The crown is really a heel gimmick and can be a burden for a babyface. But Woods is so goofy and charismatic that he can make wearing a crown as a good guy something we all love. That said, I see WWE doing something stupid like giving it to Bálor and calling him something dumb like King Prince or do a Demon King thing where he comes out in his face paint but wearing the crown and looking like a total ass. It’ll be a detriment to him in the end. But that’s often how WWE rolls. Pick: Finn Bálor

Claire Elizabeth: I just can’t pick against Xavier. He’s wanted this so long and for so publicly, that to snatch it away at the last minute, when both of his New Day teammates have gotten their own singles accolades, would just be crushingly depressing. It’s WWE, so I have very little faith in the right call being made, but I cannot pick against Xavier Woods. Pick: Xavier Woods

Cain A. Knight: Woods’ long-standing desire to be king makes him easy to root for, but he’s never getting a serious singles push in WWE. I think Bálor might even slap on the Demon paint just like the last time he wrestled in Saudi Arabia. If the top rope breaks under Finn’s feet again, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shane McMahon is waiting around to fill in for him and claim the throne. Pick: Finn Bálor

Stella Cheeks: WWE would be absolute idiots if they didn’t crown Xavier Woods. He wants it. The internet wants it. The WWE Universe wants it. Pick: Finn Balor

Marcus Benjamin: Xavier Woods is the pick. I’m not going to twist myself into knots and pretzels trying to convince myself otherwise. Do the right thing, WWE. And yes, I’m aware that’s asking for a lot. Pick: Xavier Woods.

Doudrop vs. Zelina Vega

Geno Mrosko: It feels much more like this is about putting Doudrop over than anything for Vega, so that’s the choice here. Pick: Doudrop

Sean Rueter: To steal a joke from someone I’ve called the poet laureate of the wrestle web, “Queen Doudrop” feels like something Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard have decided is too hilarious to pass up. Pick: Doudrop

Kyle Decker: As mentioned above, the crown is a heel gimmick and Zelina is the heel in this match. Plus, WWE should do something with her given she chose to come back to them after they fired her for the Twitch gig instead of joining her husband and then having her match cut on 9/11. Pick: Zelina Vega

Claire Elizabeth: It’s impressive that they put together a tournament field that seemed so transparently designed to crown Shayna Baszler at a time when she’s breaking hands and taking names and then she slipped on a banana peel against Doudrop, but here we are. Zelina I guess? She’s had some sweet ring coats lately and I imagine she’ll have some kickass queenly robes as well. Pick: Zelina Vega.

Cain A. Knight: It’s remarkable that WWE found a way to book a seven match tournament that will likely finish with less than 20 minutes of total match time. What a joke. The truth of the matter is this tournament is only here because WWE always has to give away meaningless trophies or cups in Saudi Arabia. This time, it’s a crown. Pick: Doudrop

Stella Cheeks: Zelina Vega can cut a promo without using spirit fingers or dated catch phrases. Plus, she already has the costumes to match the crown. Pick: Zelina Vega

Marcus Benjamin: The Queen’s Crown Tournament is a cluster cuss. WWE brass will pat themselves on their backs for it but this dog and pony show is nothing but. The women involved deserved better and hopefully, the finals match between Doudrop and Zelina gets more than two minutes of action. I think Zelina can do more with the crown than Doudrop, even though Raw’s women division is a mess right now. Pick: Zelina Vega

RK-Bro vs. AJ Styles & Omos

Geno Mrosko: This doesn’t quite feel like the time to take the titles off RK-Bro, unless they want to get right back to singles plans for Orton as the new roster is coming in next week. That actually seems possible. Hmmm. You know what? Let’s go with that. Pick: AJ Styles & Omos

Sean Rueter: The novelty’s worn off RK-Bro, and the heels already started a feud with Street Profits. Pick: AJ Styles & Omos

Kyle Decker: No need for a change here. Feels like they want to start positioning Omos as a solo competitor. Pick: RK-Bro

Claire Elizabeth: RK-Bro win and Omos finally realizes he is literally twice as big as AJ Styles. Pick: RK-Bro

Cain A. Knight: Omos is the best wrestler on Raw in kayfabe, so this should be an easy win for the challengers. But he will no doubt make the rookie mistake of tagging in the weak link of his team, AJ Styles, who will have an RKO waiting for him. Pick: RK-Bro

Stella Cheeks: AJ Styles will be too distracted and jealous of Riddle’s new hairdo that he will cost the match for his team. Pick: RKBro

Marcus Benjamin: I’m picking RK-Bro even though I think the seeds of dissension are sprouting. AJ and Omos need something new and with the Street Profits on Raw, a better team is waiting in the wings to snatch the titles from Riddle and Randy. Pick: RK-Bro

Mansoor vs. Mustafa Ali

Geno Mrosko: It’s worth noting that Ali is donating his earnings to charity. That is cool and very good. Pick: Mansoor

Sean Rueter: Hate picking against a guy I legitimately adore and who I agree is the most underutilized talent in recent WWE history. But given the story, his losing is the right call. Pick: Mansoor

Kyle Decker: At least they didn’t shoehorn Mansoor into the show this time. This has actually been a story they’ve been telling. But there’s no way in hell that Mansoor loses in Saudi Arabia. Pick: Mansoor

Claire Elizabeth: Saudi man wins in Saudi Arabia, the one place where WWE never has the hometown hero lose, film at 11. Pick: Mansoor

Cain A. Knight: Mansoor gets another win in Saudi Arabia, of course, and then both men will go back to doing nothing in the lower card for the rest of the year. Pick: Mansoor

Stella Cheeks: Mansoor goes over on his home turf. Mustafa Ali continues to be the most underutilized member of the WWE roster. Pick: Mansoor

Marcus Benjamin: Mansoor showed some fire and growth in his latest verbal assault on Mustafa Ali. While I still wonder what they’re doing with Ali for the longterm, this is clearly Mansoor’s night to shine. Pick: Mansoor.

The Usos vs. Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander

Geno Mrosko: Bloodline vs. Hurt Business is a bigger program we need at some point. Pick: The Usos

Sean Rueter: As Cagesider GeneKelly pointed out, this is most likely here to establish the teams are around to interfere in the matches involving their generals later in the show. Chekhov’s Kickoff match, if you will. Pick: The Usos

Kyle Decker: They better win or they’re walking home from Saudi. Pick: The Usos

Claire Elizabeth: I’m glad the Hurt Business are back together but they’re not winning this time-filler. Pick: The Usos

Cain A. Knight: Tag champions versus jobbers makes for an easy prediction. Pick: The Usos

Stella Cheeks: The Bloodline is not losing on the pre-show. Pick: The Usos

Marcus Benjamin: ... Pick: The Usos

That’s how we see the card playing out.


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