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Aliyah had an inspirational message after being told she was drafted to SmackDown

There has been talk for some time that Aliyah was quietly moved off the NXT roster and up to the main WWE roster but it was unclear where exactly she would land. She worked some dark matches but never made it to television, which worked out just fine in the end because they got to put this moment together on Talking Smack this week, complete with an inspirational message from Aliyah just after:

“It feels great. And to anyone out there that’s watching, I just want to let you know — just keep going. If you have a goal, if you have a plan, if you have a dream in mind, just keep going, keep pushing. If nobody else believes in you, well, guess what? You better believe in you.”

Aliyah will join a women’s roster that now includes Charlotte Flair, Naomi, B-Fab, and Toni Storm. More will be coming, of course, but that will be determined on Monday Night Raw next week.

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