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Cageside Community Star Ratings for Extreme Rules 2021

After every WWE PPV, we ask you all to rank each match on the show using the star rating system made famous by Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer.

The results are in from Extreme Rules, a show that wasn’t terribly extreme, but did have a few rules. Here’s how our little corner of the wrestle web graded what happened in Columbus, Ohio on Sept. 26 - and how our subjective grades compare to Meltzer’s.

Many have asked “why Dave?”, which to me is fairly obvious. Love, hate, or don’t care about him, the Observer’s Star Rating is the proverbial industry standard. No one else’s are tracked by Wikipedia and other web outlets. You can’t place online bets on what grades other pundits will give big matches.

But in order to not make this all about Meltz, we added another fan-voted rating to the mix - this one from Cagematch. That site uses a ten point scale, so in calculating the difference between our score and theirs, I halved the Cagematch rating.

Here’s what that all looks like:

There’s more discrepancy than usual. Some of that is attributable to differences we’ve seen in the past - notably the higher ratings Cagesiders give to women’s matches (we even rated the Charlotte Flair match higher than Meltzer this time around, which probably has more to do with the fans of Alexa Bliss & her current gimmick in our community than it does with cSs collectively learning to appreciate The Queen).

Some of the delta is due to the main event, which pulled off the unusual trick of winning our our “Match of the Night” poll after Extreme Rules but finishing fifth out of the seven matches in these ratings. Voters on this site seem to have dinged it more for the finish than the Observer did. Finn Bálor losing by rope break didn’t effect our score as much as it did the one from the other voter-based system, however.

Overall, everyone seemed to enjoy Extreme Rules. The average Cageside match rating of 3.41 put the show right in the middle of WWE PPVs this year. It was our fourth highest rated of the year. Meltzer’s average rating of 3.18 put it in fifth place among the company’s 2021 shows. I didn’t start tracking Cagematch’s ratings until after WrestleMania, so they’re not included in this yearly averages chart.

Do Cageside’s Community Ratings match up with your personal ones? Any final thoughts on Extreme Rules?

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