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Edge name-dropped two friends from AEW on SmackDown

The Edge/Seth Rollins program has always been a little bit out there. The Hall of Famer did reach way back into his history for their SummerSlam match, even bathing Rollins in “blood” during the build.

An attempt to use an old pro wrestling trick - the home invasion angle - didn’t play quite as menacing when Seth acting more like Goldilocks than Brian Pillman. But at least the scenes from the Oct. 1 SmackDown gave us lots of joking comparisons to a classic sketch from Vince McMahon’s favorite comedian.

Something pretty interesting did happen when Edge got on the phone and started making calls about The Drip God messing with his stuff. The Rated R Superstar told his wife (fellow WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix, who let’s be honest, could have handled Seth all by herself) to call David & Daniel for help.

As many astute wrestling observers noted during last night’s broadcast, David and Daniel are the real first names of former NXT, Raw, SmackDown, and AEW Tag champs Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler. The Top Guys live near the Copeland clan in North Carolina, and famously helped Edge train for his 2020 comeback.

It’s a fun Easter egg, but we’re not gonna see FTR show up on FOX next Friday. Still, the tag team formerly known as The Revival are ready to mount up.

So watch your ass, Rollins. Did you really think you could drink right out of another man’s orange juice bottle without there being consequences?!?!

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