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TIL Rhea Ripley & Damian Priest wear the same size pants

Yesterday (Oct. 17), WWE Women’s Tag Team champion Rhea Ripley told the world she had something in common with Chris Jericho - she’d lost her belt!

Unlike Le Champion, Ripley misplaced more than just the strap. She also found herself without her gear, as it was it was an entire travel bag the Aussie Superstar found herself separated from. With a house show set for El Paso last night, that posed a real problem.

Luckily, Rhea’s pal Damian Priest has similar style. And apparently, a similar shape!

If it wasn’t for the workout tank, you’d never know that wasn’t The Nightmare’s usual gear. And while I’m sure someone did some tailoring on Priest’s pants (he’s definitely taller, so somebody had to hem those legs), that’s a remarkably good fit.

It’s good to have friends, especially when you live out of suitcases!

We’ll see whose pants Ripley is wearing on Raw tonight!

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