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John Morrison dripped on Pennywise

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John Morrison is the hero we all need, especially if you hate evil clowns. His latest work of art involves flying through the air to kick the snot out of Pennywise. Enjoy Morrison taking It to Slamtown. There is even a twist ending for extra butt kicking.

To be honest, I just wanted an excuse to share Morrison’s badass whirling kicks. It is totally tubular. I don’t know how he could transition that into a wrestling character, but I am intrigued. At least, give the man free rein for a cinematic match. His experience in Lucha Underground should prove invaluable. Blood, guts, and glory would be on the menu. Not to mention so much moistness from the flood stud. Drip, drip.

In reference to Morrison’s pants, he is modeling Franky Monet’s latest calabaza themed clothing for her Loca brand.

How much enjoyment did Morrison bring into your heart by kicking Pennywise into oblivion?