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There’s no such thing as a heel or a babyface for Sasha Banks’ character

In an interview with the New York Post prior to Friday Night SmackDown this week, Sasha Banks was asked if she just gets to be herself on WWE television. She’s been around long enough now that, yeah, she doesn’t think of herself in terms of being a babyface or a heel.

In her words:

“I think that’s any character with WWE. That’s up to the fans whether they want to cheer or boo me. I’m just being me. I know Becky Lynch is just being herself. Bianca Belair is just being herself, Charlotte Flair. When you’ve been this character, this thing for so long there’s no such thing as a heel or a baby face. You’re just in the eyes of the viewers the legit boss. It’s so cool to get the reception that I get.”

That’s a fair point in the sense that WWE can write her however they’d like, she’s established enough now that fans are going to react a certain way no matter what. Having said that, she’s been booked as a babyface since her return and was treated as such on SmackDown this week. She’ll likely remain on that side, as Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair head off to Monday Night Raw leaving Banks to deal with the heel Charlotte Flair on the blue brand.

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