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Rhea Ripley lost her title in Albuquerque

This doesn’t sound good!

WWE hit Rio Rancho for a house show last night and Rhea Ripley worked a four-way against Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, and Bianca Belair. Unfortunately, she lost her gear while on the trip and has taken to Twitter to ask any fans in the area if they’ve come across it.

There’s obviously quite a bit of value in a WWE championship belt, and she mentions her women’s tag team title was in her bag. To that end, she’s trying to cover all her bases:

Let’s hope this story ends well, and whoever stumbles across her gear is a good samaritan who does the right thing. WWE can, of course, simply make a new title for her but let’s hope there are folks out there who still want to just do the right thing.

We’ll send along any updates to this story as they become available. And if you’re in the area, maybe help her out!

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