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Top Dolla drops a diss track on The Young Bucks

The Top Dolla/Young Bucks sneaker beef now has a soundtrack.

Hit Row’s heavy hitter lands a number of good shots here. “In real life y’all 5’8”, that’s why y’all act fake,” will probably get the most play, but in the Cageside Slack we’re big fans of referring to (presumably) Matt & Nick Jackson as Muhammed & McLovin. That’s a Superbad deep cut, right there.

The key point made is probably this:

“I ain’t say nobody name, but Top Dolla was trending all damn day”

Your mileage will vary as to whether you find something like wrestlers from two rival companies taking shots at each other about sneakers entertaining. Personally, as long as it remains clever and funny, I’m in. And the fact Dolla is rapping over a beat by... wait for it... Young Buck is pretty damn clever.

Even if you hate it, though, it is getting all involved some attention. And in a business that’s all about promotion, that’s the name of the game.

The Bucks haven’t changed their Twitter bio yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

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