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Tony Khan is interested in Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt was released by WWE over two months ago. His 90 day non-compete clause should end in a couple weeks, so fans are anticipating Wyatt’s return to pro wrestling in the near future. The rumor mill has been going back and forth on whether Wyatt is more likely to surface in AEW or Impact Wrestling.

Earlier this week, Tony Khan mentioned he has not spoken to Wyatt about coming to AEW. But that doesn’t mean he’s not interested in having the conversation. In an interview with the New York Post, Khan was asked about Wyatt once again, and said he’s interested in talking to the former WWE wrestler, whose real name is Windham Rotunda.

“I really like Windham. I know him a little bit and I really enjoy him. The last time I saw him was at Chris Jericho’s birthday party and that was a long time ago. I like him as a person very much and he’s a really talented person. At the right time and place, sure I’d be interested to talk to him. I’m interested to talk to him in general because he’s a great person.”

Do you think signing Bray Wyatt makes sense for AEW, Cagesiders?

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