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Young Bucks take a shot at NXT after Top Dolla tweets about sneakers

Following the 2021 WWE Draft, Top Dolla (along with Hit Row) is on his way to SmackDown when the new rosters go into effect on Oct. 22. But Dolla’s not waiting for his main roster debut before making some waves on the internet. All it takes is a simple tweet exchange last night about sneakers and “the competition” to get everyone riled up:

A lot of pro wrestling fans naturally assume Top Dolla is talking about AEW’s former world tag team champions, the Young Bucks, in the above tweets. Nick and Matt Jackson are never ones to shy away from Twitter banter about WWE, so they changed their Twitter bio to take a shot at NXT:

Top Dolla woke up today to a blown up Twitter, but that didn’t stop him from offering a sensible take on the foolishness of emptying your wallet on a pair of sneakers:

Meanwhile, the Young Bucks have already updated their Twitter bio:

Yes, this is all very dumb, but hey, it’s also what sometimes comes with pro wrestling in 2021.

Do you have any hot sneaker takes you’d like to leave in the comments below, Cagesiders?

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