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Who is the ‘Mysterious Superstar’ coming to NXT Halloween Havoc?

On NXT last night (Oct. 12), the following teaser video aired...

Wrestling fans love a mystery, so I figured we could kick it around a bit. The three leading suspects I’ve heard suggested are:

1. Elias, who was teasing a repackaging on Raw after losing his feud to Jaxson Ryker, but who hasn’t been seen or heard from in more than a month. He was last seen in a graveyard, so that fits with both this video’s and Halloween Havoc’s theme.

2. Dakota Kai, who hasn’t been seen since being beaten by NXT Women’s champion Raquel González at TakeOver 36. She worked several SmackDown dark matches and was rumored for a call-up, but the Draft came and went without her name being called.

3. Ember Moon, who’s stormed out after losses on a couple occasions, and teased a new approach to turn things around. She’s also always had a “creatures of the night” vibe to her act.

My first thought was Kai, mostly because you can still hear a Kiwi accent through the voice modulator. If they are thinking it’s time to take the belt off González, an attack by her former tag partner during whatever no DQ match-type Spin The Wheel, Make The Deal lands on for Big Mami Cool vs. Mandy Rose would be a logical way to do it.

Long shot is probably Elias, although some kind of supernaturally-tinged troubadour out for vengeance would fit in on NXT 2.0.

But it could be someone we’ve never heard of, with a gimmick we don’t expect. That’s what Tuesday nights are all about these days.

Give us your guess, and we’ll find out together on Oct. 26.

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