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John Cena’s hair looked fantastic on SNL

Saturday was a very busy night in the world of combat sports - we had Impact, AAA & GCW running wrestling shows, a UFC Fight Night card, and a heavyweight boxing clash many are calling an all-timer (and that featured our guy Big E!).

So it took me a while to get around to catching a surprise appearance by 16 time WWE World champion and movie & TV star John Cena on Saturday Night Live. Now that I have, I can say the sketch (embedded above) was... certainly was a surprise appearance by 16 time WWE World champion and movie & TV star John Cena.

SNL is capable of delivering laughs (this hard seltzer short is pretty clever, IMHO), but the modern day version of the show often seems to just shoot for viral moments by doing things like bringing in big-name guest stars*. “The Dream Guy” is a parody of shows like The Bachelor that seems to have been green-lit because they could bring in Cena, Chris Rock, NBA star Blake Griffin, Jesse Williams (of Grey’s Anatomy fame, but who I think of as from Cabin in the Woods), Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl, but The Boys for me), Tyler Crawford (who is apparently from a spin-off of the actual Bachelor franchise), and Amy Schumer. That list of celebs compete with “Zeke”, cast member Kyle Mooney’s stab at an Ed Grimley/Church Lady/Debbie Downer/Gilly-type recurring character, as they hope to be picked to advance to the next round of dates by Kardashian West’s “Rochelle”.

Instead of ragging on a bit that clearly wasn’t for me, I’ll just talk about J.C. Maybe I’m biased, but his reactions were probably the funniest thing in the sketch. And as a long-time chronicler of the man’s style, that pompadour-fade he’s settled on for his hair looks phenomenal.

SNL’s YouTube

I’m also happy to report that Cena’s suit game is on point. Give that man’s tailor a raise.

Let us know what you thought of this sketch, and or the Face That Used To Run The Place’s hairdo, in the comments below.

* Much smarter pop culture observers than I have compared SNL to Raw, and it’s a pretty apt comparison.

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