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WWE Draft 2021 results, round four: Hardy to SmackDown, Theory called up to Raw


Here’s how round four of the 2021 WWE Draft played out:

  1. SmackDown: Naomi
  2. Raw: Rey & Dominik Mysterio
  3. SmackDown: Jeff Hardy
  4. Raw: Austin Theory

Naomi was moved over to the blue brand not long ago, and has started up a storyline with Sonya Deville, who acted terribly unhappy about this. That’s free to continue unabated, which is good because it may be the most compelling thing on the blue brand right now outside of the main event.

At the same time, Jeff Hardy is coming over, and that’s exciting for many other reasons. He’s a legitimate main event level guy who simply hasn’t been given the opportunity to be as much on Raw of late. We’ll see if that changes.

Meanwhile, Raw gets Rey & Dominik Mysterio, who have been trying to get the latter off the ground as a singles star, and Austin Theory, who is being called up to the main roster from NXT. So long to The Way!

Get complete results and coverage of this week’s episode of SmackDown right here.

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