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WWE’s India special gets a name and a date

Reports and rumors about a new WWE project aimed at the Indian market - one of the largest and fastest-growing in the world - have been around for months.

Back when WWE announced their third quarter 2020 financial results in October, Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan unveiled the company’s plan to work with their partner in the country, Sony Pictures India, on a 2021 event. Post Wrestling then reported an eight-man single-elimination tournament would be filmed in Florida on Jan. 22 to air in India on the country’s Republic Day holiday (Jan. 26). A photoshoot for Indian talent that’s said to have happened last month is related to the project.

Then there were rumors of Jeff Jarrett’s involvement, which makes sense considering his work on TNA’s Ring Ka King series that was produced and aired in India back in 2012.

We’re still waiting for more information about who will be on the show, and if it will be tournament-based. But this morning (Jan. 9), WWE unveiled the name...

... and a commercial that aired on SPN confirmed the Republic Day debut, if not much else...

We’ll await details, including when Superstar Spectacle will be available on WWE Network in other regions.

In the meantime, feel free to offer your guesses about how quickly this could lead to things like an ongoing series for the market or a new Performance Center in the comments below.

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