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I think Sonya Deville just stole Billie Kay’s job

While certainly not the biggest thing to happen to Adam Pearce last night (Jan. 8), we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out the new addition to his management team.

What will Sonya Deville be doing with or for the #1 contender to Roman Reigns’ Universal title? We have no idea! But we also don’t really know what Pearce’s job description is, so I’m guessing “looks great in a suit” and a shared love of nicknames with the word “daddy” in them was enough to get her the gig.

There are lots of questions of course. Deville mentions Pearce works Raw and SmackDown, so does she? That one’s pertinent, because I’m not buying this “new year, new me” stuff. Sonya does in fact sound like she’s bitter that her former best friend beat her in a Loser Leaves WWE match, went to Raw, and joined a random new tag team. If Daddy Deville gets the same brand-hopping right that Scrap Daddy does, Mandy Rose’s Monday nights might be about to get a little more challenging.

But you want to know what I’m bitter about? Billie Kay has been lobbying for a job working for Pearce for months! And he just turns around and hands the position to Sonya? YOU’VE GOTTA BE JOKING ME!

Never fear, fellow Billie Backers! Our gal found a home last night. Thanks to her “mosh pitting” expertise (and some crocodile tears), I’m pretty sure she’s now a member of Riott Squad!

So it’s just good news all around! Unless you’re Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, Adam Pearce or possibly Mandy Rose.

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