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You should be able to guess three of the four names on Bayley’s Mt. Rushmore of Women’s Wrestling

Bayley will be Steve Austin’s guest on the next episode of WWE Network’s The Broken Skull Sessions. That hits the streamer this Sunday (Jan. 10), and that means we’re getting the usual assortment of clips and outtakes to build excitement.

Like this gem right here...

And this one, where Stone Cold asks for her Mt. Rushmore of Women’s Wrestling. Once she gets permission to put herself on first, you can guess who the second name is. It’s also no secret the esteem Bayley holds Lita in, so that that’s the third name. Any guesses on her fourth pick?

The Role Model admits there are a lot of worthy candidates, and if she wasn’t working her gimmick in picking herself first, she’d have more slots to play with (not that I don’t think Bayley isn’t a solid pick, I just don’t know she’d make it herself outside of kayfabe). But Chyna is a great selection, and one Austin loves as a long time advocate of giving the Ninth Wonder of the World her rightful place in WWE history.

What do you think of Bay’s list? Who’d be on your Mount Rushmore of Women’s Wrestling?

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