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Reported pushback to Daniel Bryan asking for more NXT call-ups shows WWE’s circular logic problem


We’ve heard a lot this week about plans to move NXT stars to Raw or SmackDown. Each report comes along with lots of comments from fans like “I hope WWE doesn’t screw so-and-so up” or “why are they calling people up without a plan in place?”

That’s because, as we’ve seen many times in the past, WWE has screwed up prospects. They do call people up without a storyline in place, or even a plan to use them.

An interesting item in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter points to there being those backstage at Raw and SmackDown who react the same way, for the same reasons. Which makes sense, but also doesn’t instill much confidence that anything will ever change.

Dave Meltzer writes that, with his voice on the SmackDown creative team, Daniel Bryan has been asking for more call-ups in order “to freshen things up” on the blue brand. The counter-argument against bringing in NXT stars “has been the track record of everyone brought up in the last two years from NXT, and how Vince [McMahon] ends up losing interest in them and that there is a roster full of guys who could be used that aren’t even on television now.”

You don’t need a philosophy degree to see a circular reasoning fallacy: they claim they can’t bring in new talent because they’ve screwed up new talent in the past. The answer would be to not screw up new talent going forward. That could be accomplished by learning from the mistakes of the past and applying those lessons to try new or different methods of getting people over.

But because Bryan or anyone not named Vince doesn’t have the power to put new plans in place, they’re left to argue they shouldn’t even bother trying.

It’s understandable, and many people have run into this particular roadblock while working all kinds of problems. But nothing changes if nothing changes. So until someone convinces McMahon of that, or someone else gets the final say about what happens on Raw and SmackDown, we should expect either more failed call-ups, a stagnant talent scene, or both.

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