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Looks like we finally have an answer about fans being at the Royal Rumble

The coronavirus pandemic has kept pro wrestling fans away from WWE’s live events for almost a full year. Vaccine distribution has begun, but it’s going to take a long time before an appropriate level of herd immunity is reached.

January is shaping up to be the worst month of the pandemic so far in the United States in terms of total hospitalizations and deaths. Most medical professionals don’t think things can return to normal in the first half of 2021. But the state of Florida is run by governor Ron DeSantis, so there has been an open question about whether or not some fans would be allowed into Tropicana Field for WWE’s Royal Rumble 2021, coming up on Jan. 31.

It looks like we finally have an answer to that question. Sources are telling reporter Jon Alba that there are no plans for live fans to be in attendance:

This was always the expected result. It’s still too early for this to happen right now given the current dangerous state of the virus, despite the bogus claims that Chris Jericho is unfortunately amplifying on his platform about the situation.

The Royal Rumble is going to be strange without live fans, Cagesiders, but the WWE ThunderDome setup inside Tropicana Field at least ensures that it won’t come close to approaching the silence of hosting WrestleMania 36 inside an empty warehouse.

Given that no fans are expected to be in attendance, do you think WWE should add any pre-taped elements or enhancements to the Royal Rumble matches this year?

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