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I’m pretty sure that WWE is going to drop this storyline between Charlotte and Ric Flair

There were at least a couple head-scratching angles on this week’s (Jan. 4) episode of Raw.

My colleague Sean has already discussed the potentially rushed show-closing angle where Bill Goldberg cut a promo that made no sense, leaving Drew McIntyre to conclude that the old man must be trying to play mind games with him. Yeah, that was very strange.

But there was an angle earlier on the show that I thought was even more bizarre than what transpired between Drew and Bill. Ric Flair accompanied his daughter Charlotte to the ring for a tag team match. Charlotte and Asuka ended up losing that match against Peyton Royce and Lacey Evans after Ric tripped his own daughter. Charlotte berated her father after the match, told him to stay out of her business, and sent him packing.

The angle was confusing to me because it looked like Ric tripped Charlotte on purpose. On the surface that makes no sense at all, for obvious reasons, even with Lacey Evans flirting with Ric throughout the match. But Ric’s reaction conveyed the exact opposite message, that he was trying to trip Charlotte’s opponent and accidentally screwed up. The commentators were especially confused, unsure if Ric did it on purpose or if it was a mistake. I was scratching my head wondering why WWE was repeating this kind of angle with the Flairs again, considering that Charlotte told her father to stay out of her life a few years ago on Raw.

Nothing about this angle made sense to me. But don’t fret, Cagesiders, because I’m pretty sure that WWE is going to move on from this one ASAP. Just check out this tweet Charlotte sent out the next day:

Now that actually makes a lot more sense to me. There’s no point in staying mad at an important family member in your life over a snafu in a low stakes wrestling match.

But it still makes me wonder, what the heck was the point of this whole thing? Was WWE just desperate to find something for Ric to do on Legends Night, and this was the best idea they could come up with? I really doubt we’re going to see any televised follow-up here, so that’s what it looks like to me.

Let me know what you think happened here in the comments below, Cagesiders. How do you feel about WWE’s booking of their legends on Raw?

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