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It sounds like Roman Reigns nixed Damian Priest’s call-up to SmackDown

Our latest Rumor Roundup includes an interesting tidbit where NXT wrestler Damian Priest was supposed to debut on last week’s (Jan. 1) episode of SmackDown in a tag team match alongside Kevin Owens against Roman Reigns and Jey Uso. It never happened. We instead got yet another singles match between Owens and Uso.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer filled in some of the blanks on this story. He indicated that WWE realizes the babyface side on SmackDown is weak. So the idea was to bring in a new babyface from NXT, and Priest was the guy:

“Who can be the next new babyface in NXT that can come on the main roster? And the guy was Damian Priest. So they had a story where it was supposed to be: Damian Priest was Kevin Owens’ best friend and he’s helping him against Roman Reigns and Jey Uso. And in fact they were actually gonna do a tag match on [SmackDown]. And Damian Priest is there and ready and all that.

And Kevin Owens essentially said it makes no sense for him to be my best friend. I mean, what do we have in common? Why would he be my best friend? I mean we could do it, but why is he my best friend? So Roman Reigns agreed. And since it’s Roman Reigns, it was nixed. And I don’t know where Heyman stood on it, but Roman’s the one who got was nixed, so we got what we got.”

Meltzer goes on to explain that this was not a well planned out angle. The decision to use Priest was made the night before SmackDown, and then it was nixed the next day.

Furthermore, the plan for Priest as of this morning is to be called up to Raw in late January. But everything is disorganized in WWE and there really is nothing set in stone. That’s why Meltzer ultimately concluded the following:

“Damian Priest is still supposed to start somewhere some day soon.”

There you go, so keep an eye out for that.

Do you agree with Owens and Reigns that it made no sense for Damian Priest to be called up as KO’s best friend?

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