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Sasha Banks was not impressed with Snoop Dogg’s dive in AEW

WWE Hall of Fame superstar Snoop Dogg was heavily involved in night one of AEW’s New Year’s Smash on yesterday’s (Jan. 6) episode of Dynamite.

His biggest moment came after a match between Cody Rhodes and Matt Sydal; Snoop Dogg climbed up to the top rope and nailed Serpentico with a Snoop Splash.

Sasha Banks watched his high-risk maneuver, and the SmackDown women’s champion was not impressed with her cousin’s execution:

As Banks implies, there’s clearly a ton of room for improvement. For starters, landing with your knees on your opponent’s chest is not great. Snoop is also far too tentative when he is standing on the top rope trying to maintain his balance. But these things are to be expected when an untrained performer is doing moves off the top rope. The whole point here wasn’t to have a smooth-looking move, it was to get some extra eyeballs and coverage of the product for a celebrity stunt.

So Banks certainly has her work cut out for her, but kudos to Snoop for being enough of a fan of pro wrestling to launch himself off the top rope at 49 years old.

What did you think of Snoop Dogg’s involvement on Dynamite?

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