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WWE NXT results, live blog (Jan. 6, 2021): New Year’s Evil

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight, live from the Capitol Wrestling Center: It’s the Dexter Lumis-hosted New Year’s Evil show! Finn Bálor & Kyle O’Reilly will try to recreate their classic from TakeOver 31 in a commercial-free main event, while Rhea Ripley battles former bestie & fellow hoss Raquel González in a Last Woman Standing Match. Plus, Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher climb into the Fight Pit, Karrion Kross & Damian Priest will continue beating the hell out of each other, Santos Escobar defends the Cruiserweight title against Gran Metalik, and Boa & Xia Li emerge from their mysterious torture/training sessions!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.

REMINDER: Please keep GIFs and pics to a minimum. They slow down updates and refreshes for some of your fellow community members.

Enjoy the show!


Dexter Lumis walks into an empty and unlit CWC. He turns on the lights, then throws a big switch with the devil logo on it, and suddenly fans are here, he’s in a red & black tux, and Vic Joseph welcomes us to the show! Vic’s also wearing a tux, and is upset that Wade Barrett isn’t.

Damian Priest vs. Karrion Kross

Scarlett & Kross do their usual entrance, and Priest looks unimpressed. They lock up and tumble to the floor but stay tied up, even when they crash into the barricade. The referee forces a break on the apron. They square up for a striking exchange and Priest lands the first kick, but Karrion gets him up for a slam and Damian sells the damage to his ribs from their powerbomb spot last week.

After another suplex, Kross starts to stretch him, but Priest powers up... only to be clotheslined to the floor. He’s sent midsection first into the steps a second later. Kross picks the top part of the steps up, but Priest kicks him and he drops them. After a few more strikes, Damian smiles at Kross and starts trash talking. Karrion gets hot, which creates an opening for a big right hand that rocks Kross! Another exchange ends with a bell clap and a flatliner! Priest regroups, then flies in with an elbow. The rib injury prevents him from getting Kross up for a suplex, but a clothesline connects, and Priest is able to get most of a Broken Arrow.

Kross missed a charge and goes shoulder first into the post. Priest targets that with strikes and a submission. Pinning predicament forces a break, and Karrion follows with elbows to the ribs. They trade blows in the middle of the ring. Priest misses another back elbow splash and gets hit with a rebound clothesline that gets two. He hangs Damian up in a tree of woe and delivers a few boots followed by charging in with a knee to the ribs. He sets up for a super Saito suplex, but Priest fights free. Razor’s Edge! But it costs Priest, whose ribs are killing him. By the time he covers, Kross is able to kick out.

They brawl on the apron, Karrion is knocked down, up and over from Priest. He climbs, spinning heel kick from the top. South of Heaven connects, but Kross gets a shoulder up at two! He tries for a Reckoning, but gets thrown over Kross’ head. High angle powerbomb gets two. Priest rolls out to regroup, and when Karrion follows he gets hit with two kicks, but a third is caught. Kross drives him midsection first into the scaffolding, then slams him on the steps. Priest gets to his feet in the ring and pisses Kross off by telling him he’s still standing. A Saito suplex and a European to the back of his head ends it.

Karrion Kross def. Damian Priest via pinfall

We learn Adam Cole & Roderick Strong face Breezango in the first round of the Dusty Classic next week, then McKenzie Mitchell interviews the ERA boys. Cole talks up their credentials and promises to re-fulfill the prophecy in 2021. Roddy says they respect Breeze and Dango, but they’re gonna beat them. AC talks about how Kyle O’Reilly starts the prophecy re-fulfilling tonight by winning the NXT title.

We see Grizzled Young Veterans in the crowd and are reminded they’ll be in the Dusty field, then it’s Cruiserweight title time!

Santos Escobar vs. Gran Metalik

Lince Dorado is here with the challenger; Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza with the champ. Escobar shows up in a mask, but loses it before the bell.

Feeling out process in lucha style, then a hurricanrana sends Escobar to the floor. He teases a dive. Springboard rana in the ring, then Escobar connects with a forearm, but Metalik sends him to the floor and springboard tope flattens the champ. Dorado fans off his guy. He tries for another rana off the apron, but Santos counters (or slips, it’s hard to tell). He swings Metalik into the fence as we go picture-in-picture. The beatdown continues on the small screen, and Santos counters a comeback attempt to drop the challenger ribs first on the steps when we return. Escobar gets two. Back-and-forth, then Metalik rolls through on the next cover to get two for himself. Back to the beatdown, with the champ targeting the lower back.

Metalik dodges a charge, and follows with a superkick and flatliner. Springboard drop kick sends Santos to the outside, another springboard senton and they’re both down on the floor. Back in, splash off the ropes gets two. The challenger with a kick to the fast, but a follow-up splash attempt leaps right into a high knee. Arrow From the Depth of Hell sends Metalik into the barricade! Back in the champ gets two. Escobar throws him into a couple sets of turnbuckles. Up top, and Metalik’s mask slips for the second time, and contributes to a fall to the apron. Wilde & Mendoza look to get involved, but Dorado flies to take them out. After a couple of counters, it suddenly ends when the champ hits the Phantom Driver.

Santos Escobar def. Gran Metalik via pinfall to retain the Cruiserweight title

We see Rhea Ripley and Raquel González warming up, and then are told Xia Li is next.

After a break, we first here from Mercedes Martinez. She says Io Shirai didn’t look like Overall Competitor of the Year when she kicked her ass a couple weeks ago. Mercedes doesn’t care about the bad ass title - she wants the women’s title.

The mystery woman is in a golden throne on stage, the camera pulls back and Xia and Boa are next to her. Boa escort Li down to the ring and removes her headpiece, then Xia does a few forms and heads into the ring.

Xia Li vs. Katrina Cortez

Katrina was on the main roster for a second a while back. She evades for a second then gets kicked flat. Xia stops to bow to her trainer/cult leader. More kicks, she licks her palm for a strike but Cortez fires back. Li isn’t selling pain after her training now, though. More kicks, then a spinning back kick ends it.

Xia Li def. Katrina Cortez via pinfall

She & Boa head back up the ramp and bow to the mystery woman.

We hear about Thatcher’s injury, then Mitchell interviews Bronson Reed at ringside. He knows about injuries, and his left him frustrated. He’s gonna take all that frustration out on the NXT roster. He picks his countrywoman in our next match, a Last Woman Standing affair...

Rhea Ripley vs. Raquel González

Rhea with a drop kick at the bell! Punches in the corner, Thesz press puts Raquel down, but they trade top position. Back up, Gonzalez with a big clothesline. Slam! Overhead throw! Another one, and the big Texan is in control. Ripley up at four. Raquel is taunting her opponent, saying how easy Rhea was to fool into thinking they were friends. That fires the Nightmare up, and they spill outside. She drives Gonzalez into the side of the ring and gets a kendo stick. Several shots land, but then Raquel blocks one and lands a forearm. Ripley tries to jump off the steps for a drop kick and flies into a steel chair! Gonzalez throws her into the barricade. Raquel has a pair of handcuffs, but Ripley fights her off and cuffs Raquel to the fence. She doesn’t get too much offense in before Gonzalez turns the tide and rips out a piece of the fence to free herself!

They fight to the timekeeper’s area with Raquel using the piece of fence cuffed to her wrist as a weapon. Rhea uses the bell hammer to create some space, but Gonzalez with a back body drop right onto the announce table! She covers her with debris and tells the ref to count, but the Aussie gets up. She gets thrown into the ring as we go PiP.

Violence against the babyface continues on the small screen, but Rhea doesn’t stay down. When we return, the brawl to the back. Gonzalez is speared into a glass door - it shatters and they’re both down for seven! Ripley kicks Raquel down a hallway into a production area backstage. She sets her up on a catering table and climbs on a cabinet. D-X suck it, and she dives for a swanton through the table! They’re both down, but when Rhea gets up her comes Dakota Kai with a kendo stick! She beats down the Nightmare and makes sure her partner is okay, which gives Ripley time to recover. She kicks her ass and shoves her in a locker!

After blocking her off there with a production cart, she goes to look for Raquel... and walks into chair shots on the stage. Ripley fights that off and locks in the cloverleaf. When she tries to use the chair for a crossface, Gonzalez kicks free and sends Rhea face first into some scaffolding. They’re down but break the count, Raquel charges and Ripley scoops her into the LED board. They both somehow break the count again. Rhea tries to lead her up the piece of stairs that ended up there, but Gonzalez grabs a leg and she bounces head first off the steel. The big Texan sets up for a chokeslam, and they go through the stage! Gonzalez rolls out and gets to her feet at nine!

Raquel González def. Rhea Ripley in a Last Woman Standing match

We see Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae riding on the back of a limo with a police escort en route to the CWC for their New Year’s celebration. We stay with them on the small screen and also see officials checking on Ripley. She sits up on her own, but has to be helped off.

The Way make their way into the arena. Johnny gets a mic from Austin Theory, and the North American champ runs down a list of a curses (including the guy in the front row who can’t get a girlfriend, but they’re pulling for him). But like his Cleveland Browns, Johnny overcame his curse last week. He names things he’s the best at, including dancing. Candice calls him maybe the most powerful man ever. She got him something... it’s a plaque to commemorate the end of the streak. He thanks her and starts to talk about the most beautiful thing in his life. But before we learn if he’s talking about his wife or the belt, Theory and Indi Hartwell present him with another gift. Since Johnny is like a real life superhero, they got him a drawing of The Way looking like the Fantastic Four!

Gargano announces that he and Theory will be in the Dusty Classic, but here comes Shotzi Blackheart. Theory marches up the ramp to put a stop to it, and Shotzi shots her cannon at his junk! She drives to the ring and she & LeRae start fighting. The Way circles the wagons, but here’s Kushida to help even the odds. Our host calls for the bell, and we’ve got a mixed tag match even though Johnny & Candice are in street clothes.

Candice LeRae & Johnny Gargano vs. Shotzi Blackheart & Kushida

The heels regroup on the outside and we’re right to PiP, where the women get going with LeRae quickly getting in the driver’s seat. Candice is working the arm, and a comeback is thwarted as soon as we return. Dexter Lumis is on commentary, FYI, but as Barrett points out, he doesn’t talk so...

Atomic drop gets Blackheart free, and Kushida comes in hot. Johnny answers with punches and they trade submissions. Kushida extends the arm, but Gargano gets a foot on the ropes. A bulldog gets Kushida two. Back and forth, but after the wind-up punch, LeRae saves her husband. She puts her hair up for some intergender action, then Johnny almost hits his wife when Kushida dodges a sneak attack. Blackheart recovers and they hit a tandem move on Candice. Things break down and the faces hit stereo dives (and Shotzi overshoots and hits the ramp hard), but Theory gets involved. A counter sends Johnny right into his protege’s nuts! Gargano checks on him, which allows Kushida to roll him up.

Shotzi Blackheart & Kushida def. Candice LeRae & Johnny Gargano via pinfall

We see Undisputed helping Kyle warm-up, and are told the next TakeOver will be on Feb. 14. After a break, we also learn that GYV will face Ever-Rise next week. Then Mr. Regal tells us a women’s Dusty Classic is coming!

Pete Dunne and the tag champs are front row for our main event.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Finn Bálor

The first shoulder tackle from Kyle sees Finn check on his jaw. They go to the mat and exchange stuff with Kyle having a slight advantage. Finn applies an abdominal stretch to stop his momentum. When Kyle can’t use his hands to break it, he bites on the ropes to do so and Finn knees him in the back of the head. Vengeance for the jaw as a medic checks on Kyle.

Even as Kyle gets going on offense, he still stops to check on his jaw. Finn is extra vicious with almost everything he does. He grinds his forearm across Kyle’s jaw in the corner for example and targets it with things like a back elbow. Kyle sells the hell out of it. He finally gets an opening with a kitchen sink. Kyle fires off knees and gets a near fall, taking the kickout and grabbing the arm for a submission. Finn knees him in the jaw to escape. They start trading strikes and kicks. Kyle rolls into a leg lock but Finn boots his way free. Kyle hits a running kick with such power that the torque sends him flying through the ropes and outside. He barely beats the count back in.

He wrenches at Finn’s arm through the pain of getting hit in the face. Kyle gets on a guillotine but Finn blocks only to get trapped in a triangle choke that turns into a leg lock. Finn breaks it with another shot to the jaw. Finn drives more forearms but has no use of his left arm. 1916 hits and he transitions over into a crossface. Kyle manages to fight free by hitting the injured wrist. They slug it out until Finn hits the Slingblade. John Woo dropkick connects. A superplex follows and they nearly pin each other. Kyle rolls into a brainbuster for two and then goes to an arm submission that Finn breaks by going to the ropes. Finn is busted open.

Finn boots him in the liver to stop him from charging in. Kyle still goes for the leg but is put back in the abdominal stretch. Finn drops down into a different submission applying pressure on the jaw and gets the win.

Finn Bálor def. Kyle O’Reilly via submission to retain the NXT championship

The ERA is out to check on their boy. Kyle stares off into the distance as Finn stands tall with the title.

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