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Seems Lacey Evans just ruined any chance WWE had of doing business with Cardi B

Remember that Cardi B/Raw story WWE was so hyped about last night? Well...

Lacey Evans, who whatever else you think of her is not afraid to keep it kayfabe in situations where many wouldn’t, decided to send a warning to Cardi.

Cardi didn’t like it, and tweeted a response. Cooler heads prevailed - and someone probably explained to the chart-topping artist who admittedly doesn’t keep up with modern day pro wrestling just who the hell Evans is - and the tweet was deleted, but the internet never forgets. And Lacey didn’t want to back off.

Now, you could say “Cardi got worked” or whatever. And you wouldn’t entirely be wrong.

But Cardi gets lots of sassy southern belle types calling her “nasty” all the time. And she doesn’t need another one doing it while she’s just trying to have fun with some fellow performers and being a famous fan.

This is an issue others have raised about Evans’ character in the past. In addition to racial overtones, the criticisms she levels at anyone not living as she deems a “proper lady” should are too provocative for some. And it’s one thing to come at other kayfabe characters with playful threats and insults. It’s another to bring up a real life incident (like Cardi and Nicki Minaj’s fight at New York Fashion Week in 2018) while directing them at someone who’s not part of your fictional universe.

Fans will certainly debate this topic, but I think it’ll be a long time before Cardi gives WWE any free promotion again...

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