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How many of WWE’s ‘5 Superstars who’ll be champions in 2021’ actually will be?

Ryan Pappolla’s latest WWE List This! feature is a good conversation starter. He gives us five Superstars he thinks will become singles champs in the current year, which is exactly the kind of thing we like to kick around here.

Before we get into this video, I went back and checked last year. Pappolla’s premise was slightly different, and the cursed year that was obviously threw a lot of curveballs no one was expecting. Even still, I’d score his “5 Superstars who will break out in 2020” list at approximately 70% correct, with Fire & Desire, WALTER & Dakota Kai as hits, Humberto Carrillo as a miss, and Heavy Machinery a split decision.

How will we end up grading “5 Superstars who’ll be champions in 2021”? I’d bet on a pretty similar score. Here’s the video, and the list:

  1. Peyton Royce
  2. Dominik Mysterio
  3. Kyle O’Reilly
  4. Riddle
  5. Bianca Belair

I’m fairly confident the last three will hold gold over the next 361 days. The buzz on O’Reilly coming out of TakeOver 31 should get him a North American title reign at least. Bro will probably be United States champ by WrestleMania. And The EST is scuffling a bit now, but she’s in a storyline with the SmackDown Women’s champ. So when Sasha Banks has to step away to film The Mandalore Chronicles or whatever for Disney later this year, Belair should be on a short list for a stint at the top.

Royce is a deserving pick, but the justification for putting her on the list seems to be the storyline so many of us want for her instead of the one she’s currently in. If she wins a feud with Lacey Evans in the next couple of months, I’ll feel better about her chances. If she’s still on Main Event in October though, I won’t be surprised.

El Hijo de Mysterio is a tough one. Could they strap a rocket to him? Of course! But if they were going to, why did they take it off him after the Seth Rollins program ended?

That’s my read on the list, but I know you’ve got your own. Lay it on me in the comments, and we’ll meet back here next January to see how we did.

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