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Becky Lynch trolled everyone at Royal Rumble

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As the women’s Royal Rumble was ongoing, former champion and beloved mother of one, Becky Lynch, decided it was a great time to troll fans about a possible return at tonight’s (Sun., Jan. 31, 2021) Royal Rumble pay-per-view:

There was some talk out there from hopeful fans that perhaps she could make a return this fast after giving birth just last month, but nope! She was just trolling and having some fun on social media:

She made sure to congratulate the eventual winner of the match, Bianca Belair:

That’s pretty damn cool. And, hey, you never know where exactly things will be come April and WrestleMania 37. That’s a far more likely target for a possible return, even if that is still early.

Lynch has been out since May 11, 2020, where she announced that she was pregnant and would be leaving WWE to become a mother. It was there that she officially relinquished the Raw women’s championship to Asuka, who had just won the Money in the Bank ladder match.