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WWE Royal Rumble 2021 results: Edge goes the distance, and is going to WrestleMania

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It was going to be hard to top his return at the 2020 Royal Rumble, but Edge may have just done it.

The Rated R Superstar was the first man to enter, had an emotional reunion with his lifelong best friend Christian, lasted almost an hour and thwarted his nemesis Randy Orton to win the whole dang thing.

Orton - who entered second and left early selling a knee injury after he and Edge brawled throughout the early minutes of Jan. 31’s main event - returned after his old Rated RKO partner dumped the returning Seth Rollins and seemed to win it. But even after landing his finisher...

... Randy’s trick didn’t work. After turning the tables and dumping the Viper, the 47 year old Edge has won his second Rumble, and becomes the third man to do so starting from #1.

He’ll choose whether to challenge WWE champion Drew McIntyre or Universal champion Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 37.

Here was the order of entry:

1. Edge
2. Randy Orton
3. Sami Zayn
4. Mustafa Ali
5. Jeff Hardy
6. Dolph Ziggler
7. Shinsuke Nakamura
8. Carlito
9. Xavier Woods
10. Big E
11. John Morrison
12. Ricochet
13. Elias
14. Damian Priest
15. The Miz
16. Riddle
17. Daniel Bryan
18. Kane
19. King Corbin
20. Otis
21. Dominik Mysterio
22. Bobby Lashley
23. The Hurricane
24. Christian
25. AJ Styles
26. Rey Mysterio
27. Sheamus
28. Cesaro
29. Seth Rollins
30. Braun Strowman

And the order of elimination (and who they were eliminated by):

1. Jeff Hardy (Dolph Ziggler)
2. Sami Zayn (Xavier Woods & Big E)
3. Xavier Woods (Mustafa Ali)
4. Mustafa Ali (Big E)
5. Carlito (Elias)
6. Elias (Damian Priest)
7. The Miz (Priest)
8. John Morrison (Priest)
9. Dolph Ziggler (Kane)
10. Ricochet (Kane)
11. Kane (Priest)
12. Shinsuke Nakamura (King Corbin)
13. Otis (King Corbin)
14. King Corbin (Dominik Mysterio)
15. Dominik Mysterio (Bobby Lashley)
16. Damian Priest (Lashley)
17. Hurricane (Lashley & Big E)
18. Bobby Lashley (Daniel Bryan, Riddle & Big E with Christian pulling down the top rope from outside)
19. Big E (Omos)
20. Rey Mysterio (Omos)
21. Cesaro (Braun Strowman)
22. Sheamus (Strowman)
23. AJ Styles (Strowman)
24. Daniel Bryan (Seth Rollins)
25. Riddle (Rollins)
26. Braun Strowman (Rollins)
27. Christian (Rollins)
28. Seth Rollins (Edge)
29. Randy Orton (Edge)

Notable events:

  • Not only did they alter the entry order announced on WWE Backstage, Edge charged up the ramp to attack Randy Orton. The two went through the lower ropes to battle outside before the next two entrants gave the heels a numbers advantage.
  • The Charismatic Enigma saved his old rival, and triggered an RKO party. Edge recovered to spear Orton and they battled to the outside again, when Randy got messed up real bad. A chair shot to the knee after this GIF caused him to be “helped to the back” by a pair of officials.
  • Cool moment between Carribean and Japanese Cool...
  • After being dissed by the Grammy winner backstage, Miz destroyed Bad Bunny’s DJ’s gear. That brought Bunny out, which allowed Priest to eliminate them and encourage his fellow Puerto Rican icon to splash the dummies.
  • Team Hell No reunion! Bryan & Kane hugged it out... then the Devil’s Favorite Mayor chokeslammed his old partner straight to hell.
  • The United States and Intercontinental champions had a big man brawl, but stopped to side-eye Hurricane when he tried to chokeslam them... then teamed up to throw him over the top rope.
  • Great moment between Edge & Christian after Captain Charisma returned (and took bumps and delivered moves!) for the first time since 2014.
  • AJ Styles’ large friend paid dividends even though he wasn’t in the match. He save Styles once, too, but Braun threw him over a different side of the ring the second time.
  • Reunions all around, as The Bar had a moment - that led to Cesaro taking his former partner down and giving him the Swing.
  • More Rumble disappointment for our boy D-Bry, who gave it a hell of a run but was done in a curb stomp.

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