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Charlotte Flair has been thinking about a dark character change recently

During an interview with, current WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Charlotte Flair was asked if she would considering a character change not unlike Alexa Bliss’s recent turn to the dark side. Her answer may surprise you:

“So I think about that all the time. What would that look like for me? And it’s scary, right Because the package of how I see my character, it’s so polished. It really would be – is darker makeup and darker robes, is that a big enough switch? Like, I can’t imagine not having the larger than life glamorous entrance. Like, that’s part of it. Once you go so far one way, it’s really hard going back the other. So, is it subtle changes? That’s something I’ve been thinking about in the last few weeks.”

She would go on to say she simply hasn’t had a defining moment as a character that makes her alignment entirely clear. Right now, you could take her as a heel or a babyface because she’s simply Charlotte Flair. That ambiguity doesn’t exist in the case of Bliss, or even other stars like Bayley, who also long pondered a turn to the dark side before fully committing to it.

So far, it’s worked wonders for both Bliss and Bayley. Would it do the same for Charlotte?

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I would certainly be interested in finding out.

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