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Matt Riddle calls out Goldberg for having thin skin

When The Undertaker caused a firestorm with his comments about today’s WWE being too soft, pretty much the only wrestler to publicly agree with him was Bill Goldberg. The current top contender to the WWE championship, who will wrestle Drew McIntyre for that title at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view tomorrow night (Jan. 31, 2021), said everyone needed to get “a thicker skin.”

Matt Riddle, who has a well documented history of beef with Goldberg, was quick to jump all over it:

“Hmmm. So let’s talk about some thick and thin skin, shall we? Bro. Really? Really? Okay. You have very, very, very thin skin. It’s like sheep skin thin. It’s ultra thin, extra sensitive thin. That’s how thin your skin is. Let’s be real, I’m not gonna throw down the chart of reasons why but you know why your skin is thin, bro. We all know it and you know what? You really need to stop crying about it. It’s embarrassing. Stop being a baby. And good luck tomorrow — you’ll need it. You’re a stallion, Drew.”

This is the beef that will never end.

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